Like any other profession, a person who choose a career in Android development has to face a series of changes in its lifestyle in order to maintain an stability and optimize the process of creating an app.

Jo Heinz, president of Staffelbach, an interior architecture and design firm from the U.S., says that a comfortable environment it’s essential in any office, but if the place is too casual, it may interfere with things that must be done by the stipulated time.

In many times Developers have to work from home, given the characteristics of their job, so we made a list of the best conditions to create the ideal environment for an Android Developer.

The idea is to provide you some advices that could help you optimize your time, performance and creativity in your Android development process.

Before you begin

Before you begin to build your perfect environment you must think about the purposes of your work space. Heinz also says that people should ask themselves questions like What type of work needs to be done? What type of equipment is required? What will you be doing in that space?

Answering those questions can give a better perspective of what to do next to create your ideal workspace.

Comfortable environment for an Android Developer

As we said before, comfortable environment is essential to develop a better job. People should have the flexibility to choose a place where they feel comfortable and, having a good furniture often contributes to this.

Separate things that help you to focus while working from the others that distract you. This could help you when you have to work for long hours a day.

However, remember that while is good to feel comfortable, you must be careful to not turning that place in something casual or extremely relaxing.

The equipment

A good equipment is essential at any job. You must get all your necessary supplies as a computer with required specifications, devices to test your app, or some of the best tools for Android development we have talked about before.

This will definitely improve your performance, saving you valuable time and making you more effective at your work.

About lighting

According to the University of North Carolina, the light we use to work influences in our productivity. The study points out how bad lighting in our daily routine decreases our performance at work.

It states that it’s in our DNA to perform better under specific lighting. So, It is recommended that you dim the light in order to make you feel awake rather than too drowsy.

By surrounding yourself with such an important condition as lighting, could improve your chances of exploding your creativity and focusing on what you need to do.

Keep it simple

Another recommendation is to avoid being too sophisticated in the way you accommodate your workspace.

Try to keep just the necessary stuff you need to do your daily job. You could decorate your office with a plant, a photoframe, a calendar and that’s it.

You´d be surprised of how these apparently insignificant things can really benefit your work, in many times saving you from several setbacks of your daily routine.

So, wait no more, set your own workspace and start to apply your knowledge as an Android Developer on an optimized environment.