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Best Android blogs to follow

Following blogs related to your career is important in order to keep you updated about news, releases or any information that can be useful to improve your daily work. For Android Developers there are many sites that can notify you about new features, OS versions, trends, programming languages and other stuff involved in app development. Of course, you can also follow these sites to be aware of what’s new on mobile devices, upcoming gadgets or the current situation in the mobile market. With that in mind, we want you to take a look at some of the best sites...

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Android apps that you should know about

Most of the time that people talk about some of the best Android Apps, we usually hear about big popular names in the market like Facebook, Waze, Whatsapp or Instagram. On Play Store, you have 3.3 million apps available to be downloaded. As an Android Developer you might be interested in exploring a few of them, so you can find examples of ideas or features you would like to add to your projects. Thinking about this, we picked four apps we think everyone should know about. Perhaps you have heard about them already, however, we consider people should be...

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Mobile Market Statistics every Developer should know

Besides learning how to design and program apps, becoming an Android developer implicates knowing all that surrounds the mobile sector, in order to increase your chances of creating successful projects. Nowadays, society moves in relation to trends, especially the ones that show tech industries the way to satisfy users needs, who are always expecting a constant innovation in devices and software. As an Android developer, you must know how the market is moving around and what you can expect, in a near future, of the consumer behavior. That will allow you to always be up to date on your...

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How to improve the rating of your app in Google Play Store

It is undeniable that one of the most visible aspects people notice when searching for a new app is how well-rated it is in the different stores. If we look at the top Android apps, we’d find that most of them have between 4 to 5 stars. That’s why we’d like to share with you some tips on how to improve the rating of your app in Google Play Store.    Ratings can become a truly important factor for people trying to decide which app to download. After all, this is the direct result of how your app has...

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Best new indie games for Android in 2018

We know one of the biggest dreams of many developers is to build amazing games for mobile devices. There is a great competition in this field, however, there are games that have stood out from the rest and even have been named by Google itself as best new indie games for Android in 2018. New developers who have this goal can surely get inspired by these great indie games, whether to create or improve their own projects, as these ones have shown that it can be done given the innovation, fun, and quality they present. That said, let’s see...

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