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Google’s mysterious OS: Fuchsia

Google is known for their innovation and their products, most of the time, they’re shown with a big reveal and critical acclaim, however, this project was kept in the sidelines, not an announcement or even being acknowledged, let’s take a look at Google’s newest OS Fuchsia.   Back then in 2016 a mysterious Github repository surfaced, it was from Google and it was described as a new OS, but with Google not giving any official statements, speculation was wild, Going anywhere from : Fuschia is an Android replacement, to Google is trying to enter the Computer Market, and Google...

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Android games that are giving everyone something to talk about

We’ve made different lists of great Android games, because Who doesn’t enjoy playing a nice game on its smartphone? There are thousands of games on Google Play, so you might be wondering what does it take to excel from the rest. Is it its design, the user experience, the engagement or the retention it generates in users? Or maybe it is a combination of all these factors that make one stand out. Let’s see some games recently launched that are growing fast because of their overall great features, giving everyone something to talk about: Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp The...

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Google Home Hub, a new smart speaker with a screen

A couple of years ago, Google launched Google Home, a set of smart speakers we could interact with by voice commands in order to listen to music, ask googleable questions, plan our day and control our house. Now, as the rate of home assistants users´ seems to be growing, they decided to released the Google Home Hub, a new smart speaker with a screen, which is hoping to become the best home control panel.    By adding a screen to their Google Home devices lineup, they enter to compete against with other upgraded smart speakers like the Amazon Echo...

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Best Android blogs to follow

Following blogs related to your career is important in order to keep you updated about news, releases or any information that can be useful to improve your daily work. For Android Developers there are many sites that can notify you about new features, OS versions, trends, programming languages and other stuff involved in app development. Of course, you can also follow these sites to be aware of what’s new on mobile devices, upcoming gadgets or the current situation in the mobile market. With that in mind, we want you to take a look at some of the best sites...

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Android apps that you should know about

Most of the time that people talk about some of the best Android Apps, we usually hear about big popular names in the market like Facebook, Waze, Whatsapp or Instagram. On Play Store, you have 3.3 million apps available to be downloaded. As an Android Developer you might be interested in exploring a few of them, so you can find examples of ideas or features you would like to add to your projects. Thinking about this, we picked four apps we think everyone should know about. Perhaps you have heard about them already, however, we consider people should be...

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