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Why learning Android App Development is still a great thing to do?

Learning Android App Development is still a great thing to do because there is so much going on in this area. It’s a profit-making profession on high demand. There are many innovative ideas in the mobile applications market, and the growth of new technologies that will improve the mobile environment assure us a great outcome for the investment in these type of careers. Smart home apps, voice-activated apps, artificial intelligence and Chatbots in e-commerce, are only some of the technologies looking to be part of the mobile world. The main goal of all them is to make our lives...

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Best courses to learn Android App Development in 2018

Learning Android development continues to be one of the best decisions for professionals who wants to get prepared to find a job in a tech area. Just as many specialized websites like or U.S. Bureau of labor statistics indicate, there will be more people with these type of jobs by 2024. This is a trend we’ve talked before and that will remain for this year. With this in mind, and knowing that today is the best time to learn Android App development, we’d like to talk about the best courses currently available to learn how to build mobile...

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The Impact and current challenges of MOOCs in education

MOOCs have been evolving over the years and institutions are continuously making efforts to discover the best strategies in order to get better outcomes from online education. We have already talked about the importance of taking online courses to improve yourself or boost your professional career, especially in areas related to technology. In the context of the first International Conference MOOC-Maker, Johannes Heinlein, vice president of strategic partnerships for edX,  shared with us his experience in the creation of MOOCs worldwide and the changes currently occurring in online education. Impact of MOOCs in education According to Heinlein, MOOCs have been...

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MOOC-Maker: Supporting the creation of MOOCs in Higher Education

A few days ago, the first International Conference “MOOC-Maker” was held in Guatemala with the main goal of gathering several experts in the online courses field, and discuss about the present and future scene of e-learning. MOOC-Maker is a project founded by the European Commission Erasmus+ with two main purposes: Developing capabilities for the construction of Moocs and conduct research about the initiatives developed. According to its global coordinator, Carlos Delgado Kloos, Ph. D., “The project aims to improve the creation of MOOCs in Latin America”. Three Higher Education Institutions from Europe and six from Latin America form this...

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Steps to become a Professional Android Developer

We’ve talked about how becoming an Android Developer can be a wise choice for several reasons, including the fact that it has become a profitable and successful profession. Many people must be wondering how to become an Android Professional Developer: What should I do first? What do I need to learn? How difficult is it? Becoming a Professional Android  Developer doesn’t necessary require a specific routine to follow, however, if you’re undecided, you can use our next guide in order to mark your own steps to become one. First of all… You must know all the general things involving...

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