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Why are people moving over to Cloud Services?

Long gone are the days of creating every function and need from scratch, now whenever a new requirement shows up we can search the internet, and more often than not, there’s already a solution for the problem, this extends far from simple coding, email domains, websites, databases, even entire infrastructures can be run on servers, and enable companies many opportunities, so let’s take a look at the many Cloud-based Services. Cloud-based services can be divided into many categories, but before we dive into that, let’s talk about what is a Cloud-Based Service, and why has it become so popular....

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A look at the Mobile market: Why is there no third mobile OS?

For developers and users alike, whenever there’s a new app there are always two options, Android and iOS, and it has been like that since 2008, some will remember the Windows phones, the Blackberry and the Amazon FIre phone, and with such big names attached, why hasn’t the market budged from Android and iOS? Android dominance on the market may be surprised, after all, Apple did get a head start with the iPhone, and despite that, Android is cemented as the biggest market shareholder, with Apple as a distant second. On computers, it’s the same deal, Microsoft’s Windows has...

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Native or Cross-platform development? let’s discuss both approaches.

When it comes to development, many Android developers will say Native is the way to go, but others will say using a framework to develop apps, so they can be run in both Android and iOS is much better, so let’s discuss some of the ins and outs of each approach. App development is a common occurrence nowadays, and while there are only two main platforms to consider: Android and iOS, if you want to reach all the possible audience, that would mean developing two apps, identical apps, one for each platform. That, in the worst case, means having...

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Privacy in Android Applications has always been a concern

Privacy has always been a concern, in Android most things that may be a privacy concern are labeled as dangerous and require user approval to execute, however, one normal permission has caught many people’s attention recently, the Internet permission. Internet, one of the fundamental parts of many applications, and also a fundamental part of our daily lives, many of us can’t imagine a day without internet, we use it in our Jobs, in Education, Entertainment, Communication, and many other things, so it comes as natural that many of our apps also have internet access, of course, many apps use...

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A brief view of Android Development through the years

Android has come a long way since it launched in 2008, from launch, most people associated Android with Java, even if it has support for other languages (C++ is an option when creating a new project!) but that has changed in recent years, Google has been pushing more alternatives to Java, let’s take a look at the most important languages in Android: Java, Kotlin and most recently Dart. Let’s start with some history: back in 2008, there was a significant shift in how mobile phones were perceived, many will remember why: in 2007 the iPhone was released, the touchscreen...

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