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Privacy in Android Applications has always been a concern

Privacy has always been a concern, in Android most things that may be a privacy concern are labeled as dangerous and require user approval to execute, however, one normal permission has caught many people’s attention recently, the Internet permission. Internet, one of the fundamental parts of many applications, and also a fundamental part of our daily lives, many of us can’t imagine a day without internet, we use it in our Jobs, in Education, Entertainment, Communication, and many other things, so it comes as natural that many of our apps also have internet access, of course, many apps use...

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A brief view of Android Development through the years

Android has come a long way since it launched in 2008, from launch, most people associated Android with Java, even if it has support for other languages (C++ is an option when creating a new project!) but that has changed in recent years, Google has been pushing more alternatives to Java, let’s take a look at the most important languages in Android: Java, Kotlin and most recently Dart. Let’s start with some history: back in 2008, there was a significant shift in how mobile phones were perceived, many will remember why: in 2007 the iPhone was released, the touchscreen...

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The Android Support library, a look at its pros and cons

Reaching a wide audience is one of the first things an Android Developer learns,  the guys at Android give us some great tools, for example the Android Support library to help with this, but, Is it always the best choice for our App? Anyone who has developed Android Apps is familiar with this problem: you just added Fragments to your App, you’re doing great, but suddenly your App keeps throwing errors, you check the code, and nothing you try to clean the project, and nothing, it’s only until you decide to check the imports section, that you figure out,...

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Considering Android Accessibility when developing Apps

Smartphones are everywhere nowadays, many of us even know people who have 2 or 3 of them, so developing apps has become a very important skill for developers, but oftentimes we don’t think who is using our apps, let’s take a look at some tips to make our app reach more and more people. Often times, developers tend to think functionality first when developing an app, the app should work and do everything it needs, when it is done,  we start to think about fonts, colors, image sizes, placements, etc. This, obviously, leads to an extended time to design...

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Android new releases, pros and cons

Android is an ever-evolving, ever-expanding platform, with almost yearly releases, users are generally pleased, and often very happy to receive platform updates, new features, enhanced functionalities, etc. but, What does it mean for developers? Android has been evolving and innovating ever since its release, and it has become the most used mobile system in the world, meaning an app has the potential to reach an incredibly wide audience, this, however, doesn’t come without its share of problems. If you have dabbled in Android Development, in Android Studio one of the first things you ever do when creating an App...

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