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Google Play´s Academy for app success

Google continues making big efforts to provide better training to all Android developers who are looking to become successful. This time, they have introduced Google Play´s Academy for app success, which is willing to take you from being a good developer to a great developer.   Nowadays, it’s not enough with having a nice idea for an app or a game as the market has grown exponentially to be highly competitive. Our app must be excellent at all levels so it can stand out from the rest and stick in people’s minds.      The Academy for App Success is...

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Best cooking and recipe apps for Android

Nowadays, there is an app for almost everything we want. When it comes to improving user´s creative the skills, the sky is the limit, as apps help us doing things we probably never imagine before in such an easy way. One of these things is cooking, which has become a popular activity looked for many mobile device users in their pursuit of learning how to do something new. If you are thinking about either preparing a meal on your own or finding a new recipe, here are some of the best apps to do so right now.   Cookpad...

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5 books every beginner entrepreneur must read

We’ve talked before about the importance of reading to improve our profile. It’s in the books that we can find a guide to learn something new or end up understanding a specific knowledge. There are also important books we can turn to if we want to improve our entrepreneur skills. Many written by successful entrepreneurs who have decided to share their personal experiences and thoughts about this matter. You might have heard about some or all of these books before, our goal is to let you know why they are a great source of inspiration for everyone looking to...

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Top trends for apps to follow in 2019

Tech trends are related to people’s needs and that’s why the constant innovation of the industry is focused on satisfying what humans require to make their life easier. There are trends that dominate the app market for several reasons, like a new tech feature or highly relevant idea. As a developer, you must be aware of these trends, whether it helps you upgrading your projects or to understand what is the direction that the app development process is taking. According to tech and developers blogs, the following are some top trends for apps we should take into account for...

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How to keep up with app development trends

Being informed all the time about the most recent news could be difficult, that is why we’d like to show you some tips that may help you keep updated on everything related to Android app development and its trends. As a professional who works in tech and digital industry, you must know that it’s essential to be up to date with everything that surrounds your working sector; in this case, Android Development. This will help you know what is what users are finding more appealing at the moment. Also, it will be good for you to know recent updates...

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