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How to improve your profile as an Android Developer

We’d like to share with you some tips you can follow in order to strengthen your knowledge and improve your profile as an Android Developer. We’ve talked before about why becoming an Android Developer requires more than the technical knowledge of how to create projects. You must also take into account other things like never losing the eager to keep learning, think outside the box or bring fresh features to your projects, to name a few.   Image by Limelight Leads The next tips are some of the most recommended by experts on several blogs and specialized Android websites....

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MOOCs to power your soft skills

If you want to improve your professional profile, there are certain skills, besides software development and the technical knowledge required, that you should consider for this purpose. Enhancing your professional identity, teamwork capacity and communication skills can really take you a step further in your way to stand out from the crowd. Fortunately, there are a few MOOCs you can take to power your soft skills. We´ve written about these soft skills developers should work on, and we´ve also heard from Adrián Catalán, Google Developer Expert and Instructor of the Professional Android Developer course, about the importance of gaining...

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Tips and tricks for your Android Devices

One of the main things that differentiate Android from others OS is the high customization it offers to its users. It is quite easy to head into the settings panel and make some tweaks to improve our user experience. In order to get the most out of your smartphone, we want to share with you some tips and tricks for your Android devices. It could be an interesting hidden feature, a privacy setting, some camera mode, a battery life improvement or a trick that just helps you to do your tasks easier, we all can find something useful from...

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How to improve the security of your Android device

Security has always been a huge topic when it comes to mobile devices. It is not for less since in this information era suffering from a hacking or a data breach incident could happen to anyone. We are all used to hear about all this potential malware that can affect our devices and personal data, and that required measures must be taken in order to secure them. However, we might not be entirely aware of all the security features that come with our Android devices, which can really help us to get protected from possible attacks. Some of these...

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Multiple resources to learn Kotlin

Kotlin is rapidly becoming a common programming language among Android developers. Officially supported for app development since last year, it is called to be an expressive, concise and powerful language given its improved quality code and performance. Its interoperability makes it possible to add new features built in Java to your codebase. This can definitely make the transition easier for those developers willing to give Kotlin a chance. We already made a list of books you can use to start your journey learning this amazing language, however, there are other multiple resources out there you could also find useful....

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