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How to improve the security of your Android device

Security has always been a huge topic when it comes to mobile devices. It is not for less since in this information era suffering from a hacking or a data breach incident could happen to anyone. We are all used to hear about all this potential malware that can affect our devices and personal data, and that required measures must be taken in order to secure them. However, we might not be entirely aware of all the security features that come with our Android devices, which can really help us to get protected from possible attacks. Some of these...

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Multiple resources to learn Kotlin

Kotlin is rapidly becoming a common programming language among Android developers. Officially supported for app development since last year, it is called to be an expressive, concise and powerful language given its improved quality code and performance. Its interoperability makes it possible to add new features built in Java to your codebase. This can definitely make the transition easier for those developers willing to give Kotlin a chance. We already made a list of books you can use to start your journey learning this amazing language, however, there are other multiple resources out there you could also find useful....

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The advantages of releasing free Android Apps

Free Android Apps represent, for users, the freedom of trying new products, enable them to choose if they are worth to recommend, to use or even pay for them. According to John Manoogian, co-founder of an advertising solutions provider, Android users resist paying, but companies are more interested in paying for in-app advertising. Users don’t mind to watch some commercials as long as the app functions remain free, and companies are taking advantage of that. Although there is a 20% of people willing to paying for a pro or premium version, Manoogian affirms that “the future of app monetization...

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Tips for self-taught students

You must never underestimate online education, self-taught students know it. In this kind of education, students become responsible for their own learning process. People who have become self-taught learners, adopting this learning process, have developed certain skills: Curiosity, patience and a feeling of connectedness. Throughout the process of virtual learning, they also tend to practice how to correctly research for solving problems, making sure they understand the subjects, maintaining their assignments schedule and improving their network. Online students must be self-taught Miguel Morales, Director of the Android MicroMasters Program, mentioned that online education “encourages you to be a self-taught...

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Top Apps for athletes

Today it is more common to see people using apps for leading a healthy lifestyle.  Athletes have found in mobile technology the perfect ally to improve their exercise routines, as they have better control of their effort while working out. We’ve seen before that users who are looking for a healthier life can take advantage of several apps in their Android devices, especially smartphones and wearables, which adapt their functions to show you features focused on your fitness habits. As an Android developer, you should take note of all kind of apps that are available on Google Play focused...

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