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Android apps to help you improve your life

We all know how apps help us make our lives a lot easier. From using them to get our daily tasks done by improving our organization to provide us the leisure time we required, apps have integrated into many facets of society. Regarding this, there are apps meant to empower people. Helping people to live the best version of their lives, with great features and design as well. We’d like to talk about some of these apps that have stood out given their goal of becoming a great support for people who want to improve their habits or take...

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5 books that can help you become successful

Continuing with our posts about important reading one must do in order to learn new things or being a step closer to accomplish our life goals, there are books that can help us to reinvent ourselves or start having more successful habits. We all know there are new ways of doing things as many people have shown us the path. Whether you are interested in changing the way you make a living, your mindset or start building something on your own, a great reading could help you get there faster. That’s why we’d like to talk about some books...

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Best practices for Android app development

In order to create a high-quality app, you must take into consideration several aspects. With the right tools and the right planning, you can make your development process much easier and end up having a more satisfactory final product for you, but especially for your users. Some of these aspects include creating a great user experience, understanding the Google Play Store, Testing your app or making use of the tools provided by Google to build and improve your product. That said, we’d like to talk about some of the best practices you can implement when developing an Android app....

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Google´s Wear OS for wearables devices and smartwatches

Android´s platform dedicated to wearables devices and smartwatches has started to experience a few changes that, no matter how small they could appear, must be reviewed so we can fully understand where Google is heading to with this technology.    Watches are the quintessential garment in this matter, and according to Google’s own data, there are more than 50 smartwatches powered by Android in the market today, almost half of them were released last year. In addition to their efforts to help more of these devices being launched, there is meaningful data about its users too, as there has...

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5 striking Android apps you might not know existed

Apps have entered our lives to provide us all kind of uses, from serving us as management and productivity tools to making us enjoy our leisure time. More than likely, someone has told you the phrase: “There’s an app for that”, and chances are that, with over 3 billion (and counting) apps available in Google Play Store, this is true for almost anything. Despite this amazing amount of launched apps, we might not know about the different options out there, which is especially useful for entrepreneur developers looking for some inspiration of ideas for an app. With that in...

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