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Why Android MOOCs like the MicroMasters program are important for your tech knowledge?

We live in a time when getting tech knowledge is crucial to understand and be part of the economy that is currently shaping the world. Given their characteristics, online courses can help you improve yourself or boost your professional career. Of course, there might be people who have learned about certain tech topics by themselves, they even may have great technical skills and know the latest trends in mobile app development. However, these people may need to work to get stronger bases. This strengthening of knowledge must come from somewhere anyway, and that’s where a MOOC becomes handy. The...

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4 Questions for a Google Developer Expert

Previously we mentioned What is a Google Developer Expert and its importance supporting other developers, startups and companies to achieve a better development process through conferences and creating valuable content like tutorials, code samples or books. As part of our interview with Adrián Catalán, we asked him important questions about being a Google Developer Expert and all that it represents:   What is the Google Developer Expert Program? The GDE program is a recognition that implies knowing about Google’s products, but also requires doing some work for other people to know about these technologies. Google looks for developers with...

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