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What is Material Design?

In the past, we have mentioned some recommendations for starting Android developers, and have also discussed about the Design Thinking process. However, it is time we talk about Google’s guidelines about the classic principles of good design on apps: Material design. So, What is Material Design? Material Design was announced at Google I/O conference in 2014. It is a design language used for Android devices. An integral guide for visual design, movement and interaction on different platforms and devices, that was originally known by the codename Quantum Paper. On the “Material Design – Introduction” guidelines, Google explain its main...

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Main advantages of developing Android apps

We have discussed in the past about the reasons why taking a career in Android development can help you succeed in the working world of today, but have you ever think in a list of the advantages of developing Android apps? Of course there are other mobile OS in which you can prove your skills as a mobile developer. However, we think that becoming an Android Developer has certain advantages over the other platforms. We´d like to do a list with some of the main advantages of Android OS development: 1) Android´s Market Share We don’t get tired of...

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What you need to know before taking an online course?

Throughout the day we’re constantly in different kind of activities: meetings, working, spending time with family or friends and so on; and taking an online course could make our agenda really tight up. Sometimes you might forget to make an assignment, watch certain video or read a required document. Yes, it could get difficult sometimes but it’s not impossible to find the time.It is important that you be aware of the difficulties you can encounter when studying online.     Of course, you might be aware already of the advantages of e-learning. But, have you ever thought about what you...

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Building Android apps in one month? It’s possible

When you study to become an Android developer, you get to understand all the process of creating an app, from thinking about how to solve a problem to the final launch of the app in the Play Store. How many time do you think you need for building android apps? The app development process requires an amount of time which may be considered as long for some people or just as usual for others . According to some companies, creating an app takes between 4 and 6 months. Other sites mention that the entire development of an app can...

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Best Android Courses and Tutorials in 2017

If you have already decided to pursue a career on Android Development, convinced by how this is changing the world, then you’ll need to start looking for a place to learn in the best ways possible about this amazing world. You can do this through Android Courses and Tutorials. The beginning of your new adventure as an Android Developer may start with some blurred thoughts and stress while you try to find a good tutorial or instructor that guides you throughout all the process of developing mobile apps. First of all, you should know that sometimes it’s better to...

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