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6 HD Android games that you shouldn’t miss

The advance of technology allows significant upgrades on smartphones features. The release of Nougat with Vulkan API is considered to be a major improvement for Android mobile gaming as it integrates high-performance 3D graphics on supported devices. As we mentioned in a prior post Why it’s worth to develop games for mobile devices, more than a half of smartphones owners install a game almost instantaneously when purchasing a new phone. Very soon we’ll see more titles with better quality coming to Android for the joy of gamers all over the world. We’ll like to present to you 4 HD...

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5 Essential Android Development Tools for 2017

As the most dominant operating system worldwide, Android development is present in smartphones, tablets, wearable devices, smart TV’s and smart cars. Over the years, different tools have been generated to help developers create amazing apps, including Integrated Development Environments (IDE), editors, libraries and plugins. If you are a beginner in Android development, you should know there are plenty resources out there that you’ll definitely find valuable when it comes to test your code, use frameworks or generate icons for your app. That being said, we’ll like to present to you 5 essential Android development tools that you could benefit...

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