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Why Communities are important for Android developers?

Communities are powerful resources to learn about anything you want. They can be defined as a group of people who share similar interest and get together to talk about those topics that fascinate them the most. But not only that, very often communities offer opportunities that you wouldn’t find without getting in contact with others. For Android developers that could mean job opportunities, meeting different people or even starting a new personal project. Instructor Isabel Palomar told us about its importance by saying that communities are places where you can learn from people but also teach to people.   ...

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What is Android Studio and Android SDK tools?

Android Software Development Kit (SDK) is a toolset that enables developers to create apps for Android OS. It includes the required libraries to build Android apps, a debugger, an emulator, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and sample projects with source code, so you can have everything you need to start making your own apps. Important command-line tools for Android app development are grouped into three packages: the already mentioned SDK tools, Platform tools and the Android Emulator. Let’s talk about the main features of each one of them. Android SDK tools SDK tools are platform-independent and are required to create...

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Game development tools to make your own Android games

Games are the type of application most downloaded by users on their android devices. There are more than 2.7 million apps stored in Google Play and most of the apps that reach to the top are games, whether they are free or paid. Google Play offers a great variety of categorized games, from Action and Adventure to Puzzles and Role Playing, for everyone’s entertainment. For Android developers, there are several tools and engines for game development. If you have always dreamed of creating your own game for mobiles devices, then you should know some of the best resources out...

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5 mistakes to avoid in your first Android app development

As a beginner Android developer there are certain things to take into account when creating your first application. After all, the applications have been immersed in our life for about 10 years, during which time they have gone through many changes, from the way of developing them to how to distribute / monetize them. But, most importantly, this also means you are facing a highly competitive market so you may need some good advices in order to succeed. Application development is a process that takes time and effort to complete, and being new in this area developers are exposed...

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Top 5 books to learn mobile app development in 2017

We want to continue providing you the best materials available to achieve your dream to become a professional android developer. In a prior post about Android Programming books we discussed the importance of this kind of resources as they act like guides that many professionals have used over the years to hold a better understanding of Android app development. Enrolling in an online course is the most common way to learn about any subject today, especially useful to gain software development skills. However, books might be a good choice for some people as well, as they are good tools...

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