Android is highly recognized for being an operating system with open source code. Based on Linux Kernel, this is one of the features that developers find attractive when choosing Android OS to build applications.

The Android Open Source Project (AOSP) was created to make sure there would always be a open source platform available to innovate the app market. As they have stated “the most important goal is to make sure that Android Software is implemented as widely and compatible as possible, for everyone’s benefit”. 

open source code

Everything you need to install and run Android apps is entirely open source. This means you can download the source code for Android and change it they way you want it; Plus, as Android has been released, in most part, under the Apache license, is not required that you publish the changes you make to the source code.

This is why, for instance, you see many big and small hardware manufacturers competing in the mobile market, which contributes to Google’s main cause.

The difference this makes for developers

As a developer, if you want to reach the largest number of people and have a much more different experience with the product you are creating, Android is your best choice. Besides, there is no one telling you what you have to do, Android only suggest things you should implement or try on your app.

Also, Android is not as restrictive as other operating systems, since it allows you to use third-party tools for app development, which give developers the opportunity to make use of many features that enhance app functionality.  

Definitely, that generates a more rewarding experience in your app development process, allowing you to improve your creative skills and overcome challenges as an Android developer.  

This openness that characterizes Android is one of the reasons why there are more mobiles devices in the market and why it is becoming the most popular operating system, allowing app developers to reach all kinds of users around the world.