How many digital devices do you have? One? More than two? According to GlobalWebIndex  the digital consumers own an average number of 3.64 connected devices. But what operating system does your tablet or your mobile has? Do you know what is the most popular operating system today?

According to Digital Trends, a new report from web analytics company StatCounter stablishes that Android is encroaching upon Windows when it comes to operating system popularity. On February, there was a 37.4% of people who connected on the internet using Android and a 38.6% using Windows. Pretty close right?

most popular operating system

Source: StatCounter

This results are far from what they used to be five years ago. When Windows held 82% global internet usage, while Android only held 2.2%.

The change might be a consequence of two factors.

  1. The rise of using smartphone as a major medium through which to access the internet.
  2. The decline in sales of traditional PCs.

Although Windows is still the most popular operating system in the desktop market with 84.1% of internet usage, the usage from smaller devices such as mobiles and tables has been taken over by Android.

What will this mean for our digital future? We’ll just have to wait and see how the digital world keeps evolving!