When you learn something new you need to feel attracted to the forms in order to capture and retain the new information you receive. For some people, learning software development may be harder than for others given the complexity of its content.

However, as every other class or subject, people can learn in entertaining ways which could help them to keep the attention and their desire of improvement.

Learning from mobile games it’s a good way to start your adventure as an Android Developer.

It’s fine if you don’t want to start this way, but you can always show these apps to kids who want to start learning something about what is surely one of the best career options for the future.

Remember that software development is one of the most promising careers of the present and it will provide thousands of new jobs in the next years. So, it is not a bad idea for them to familiarize with software development.

Here we introduce you some of the best game apps out there for learning programming languages on Android.

Code Karts

Edoki Academy made this app focused on preschoolers. Code Karts doesn’t talk about programming languages specifically but it makes users learn to become problem-solvers.

In the free version of the app, people will have the option of passing 10 different levels and facing different situations where they’ll have to use logic to advance.

The paid version has more than 70 levels and comes with two modes: Individual mode, where you can learn at your own pace; and competitive mode, where you test your knowledge with other users.


RoboZZle is a puzzle game created years ago for PCs. The goal of the game is to collect items with a robot. You can make your movements with the robot by calling certain functions with logical parameters.

RoboZZIe has more than 1024 levels, starting with easy challenges until you get to the real hard ones, which could make you take hours before finding the solution.

Run Marco!

Run Marco! is an adventure game where you learn what is like to program a computer. You´ll have to guide the main character through a variety of levels and discover new difficulties.

In the journey, you’ll learn to think as a software developer using visual programming language Blockly, a Google’s open source project that helps you learn programming languages in different platforms.

Run Marco! has support for more than 10 languages and it is designed by expert developers. It’s ideal for people who are starting to learn software development and for kids who want to have fun with a complete game, while they also learn.

Code Warriors

Beginner, coder or warrior, no matter what’s your level, this game will guarantee you hours of fun and learning with the strategic combat between Giant Robots that use programming languages as weapons.

You don’t need previous coding knowledge to start your journey on this game as it takes you for a guided lesson of programming languages and code development from  beginning to end, when you finally become a warrior.

You can track your progress through the game and review previous lessons in case you want to strengthen your knowledge. If you have friends that are learning and enjoying this marvelous game you can challenge them by just signing in from your Facebook account.

These games provide a different approach to software development, and they surely will entertain users and teach them the basic concepts that developers must know in order to become a professional Android Developer.

So, why don’t you give them a try and enjoy learning this way.