People want to be healthy. So, have you ever thought of developing a fitness app? After all, app users are healthy people too!

Why develop a fitness app?

Mobile apps are ideal assistants for training, fitness, and weight-loss; in a way, they become a “personal trainer”, and there’s no better motivation to be healthy than keep track of your fitness progress:

  1.    Strava:

Strava is a tracking app that monitors your running or cycling via GPS. The UI is clean and friendly. With this app, users can track their running speed, distance traveled, time spent, among other relevant information.

Strava adds competitive and gamified features, which motivates users to compete with others and even with themselves. The app contains a fun leaderboard, achievements and challenges to reinforce self motivation.

  1.    Runkeeper:

Runkeeper tracks running, cycling, hiking and other distance-activities using the phone’s GPS. Users can build, save and discover new routes. The app records pace, distance, total exercise time, calories burned and more.

Runkeeper allows users to take and tag pictures during their route. The dashboard provides custom training plans, which users can select. Athletes can join or create challenges and share their progress with friends as well.

  1.    Runtastic:

Runtastic is a popular fitness and workout app. An outstanding feature from this app, is that it has Android Wear support. It uses a GPS tracking system for running, biking and jogging routes.

This app counts with a customizable dashboard, which makes it friendly for the users, enabling them to get the information they are particularly interested in.

Runtastic also provides differents features like displaying detailed exercise- infographs, listening to your favorite tunes or sharing fitness progress in social networks.

  1.    Yoga Studio:

This app comes with 65 Yoga classes, video instructions included. It is organized by levels ranging from beginner to advanced. Depending on the class, it can last from 15 up to 60 minutes. This is a pay-once app, with no other type of subscription fee after.

Yoga Studio contains 280 Yoga poses, with step by step clear instructions on how to do a pose and how to move from one pose to another. Users can choose whether they want to focus on flexibility, relaxation, strength or balance.

  1.    JEFIT:

JEFIT is loaded with a 1300 exercises database. The routines are organized by body parts, with detailed instructions on how to do each exercise. It gives simple tools for keeping track of the routines or crafting weight-lifting workouts.

This app is supported with a calendar that helps you organize your workout days and resting days of your routine. Users can connect to an active workout community to keep motivation up and share their training progress.

  1.    Sworkit:

Sworkit coaches you through workout routines to improve cardio health, increase strength and it also includes some yoga lessons. Organized by sections, users are free to choose a specific body part to work.

It includes music-integrated options from Spotify. Users can select the motives and goals to adequate their workout. As a paid feature, users may become “Leaner”, “Fitter” or “Stronger”; each category has specific workouts plans and extra functions.

As a bonus for you, we mention MyFitnessPal, an app that counts your calories per day or the J&J Official 7 Minute Workout app that helps to exercise in a very short amount of time, just to name others apps that are really helpful to maintain fitness habits.

So, if you like to work out and stay healthy, make sure to check out these apps. Also, they might provide you some great ideas to add to your future projects.