Since the smartphones takeover in 2007, when Google and Apple started the challenge for making the best OS to satisfy new users needs than didn’t exist before, the behaviors of consumers has been changing over the years.

The constant change on the behavior of mobile device users forces developers to be aware of new trends, likes and objectives, in order to be at the forefront and constantly updated.

Thanks to the easy access to the Internet, people have found on mobile devices, the perfect gadget to develop many assignments that they couldn’t do before.

Life before Smartphones

You might have heard common phrases like “before smartphones, people use to talk each other” and alike, but the true is that before the smartphone boom, people had several obstacles to do several activities, that nowadays can be done efficiently through devices.

Users needs and thoughts about mobile devices have changed in different ways and now when people are looking forward to get one, they focus on features and specs that you couldn’t imagine before. Something that seems will keep happening in the future.

What are users looking for?

Mobile devices companies have a constant struggle when it comes to be at the forefront of new trends and technologies. They have to know what’s the behavior of users and what they’re looking for when they go to the store and ask for a device that satisfies their needs.

Nowadays, users are informed about everything related to tech news or mobile updates, so they are more demanding. Users needs of having the best, or at least, most efficient features and apps on their devices, can affect developers and their projects if they’re not done correctly.

Based on principal features, we’ll talk about the main changes that mobile devices have had from the emergence of smartphones to date.

Cameras and Photography  

Photographers have been part of the change of photography nowadays, and the way it goes into a more efficient direction in mobile devices.

Photograhpy Life made a comparison about the potential of new cameras on smartphones vs professional cameras, and the result was in favour of the mobile devices.

Years ago, cellphones cameras were made only to capture quick moments on a standard picture. Now, the market is in a constant challenge between companies showing improved cameras, with specs that were usually incorporated only to professional DSLR cameras.

Today, people use their smartphone cameras even for professional photography work, photojournalism and as a hobbie.

Apps like Instagram, VSCO, Flickr have helped to establish photography as an important feature on mobile devices.


Games and mobile devices have always been related since 1997, when Nokia launched the famous “snake”, one of the most known and successful games ever on mobile devices.

Since then, the mobile game industry has become one of the most profitable sectors of the gaming market. The boom has been so impressive that it’s even more valuable ($36.9 billion)  than the PC games industry ($29 billion).

Thanks to all the advances on hardware, the mobile game industry has been involved in a rapid and successful development. Taking advantage, of course, of social networks, gadgets, connectivity, etc.

Business and office tasks

Nowadays, workers think that mobile devices can help in job improvement and that they increase productivity. Business apps, organizational/calendar tools, social apps like Hangouts, Whatsapp, among many others, make the contact between workers easier.

Companies are aware of the impact that mobile devices have brought to society and business. Stats show that 91% of office companies have implemented or are planning to make a mobile workstyle strategy.

So, they there are. That is how mobiles devices have changed our behavior as society. Do you agree this has has been for good? Tell us, What other changes have you noticed?