Naming your app is one of the most difficult steps during your entire creation process. A name is closely connected to the main functions of a product, so it should be  appropriate and something users can instantly identify or relate to your app.


What makes a good app name?

If you’re about to finish the developing process, and picking your app´s name is the only thing left to do, then you must definitely take some time to think about it. Don’t rush, there are several factors you have to consider to properly choose your app´s name.

We´d like to share with you 5 tips when naming your app:

  1. Easy to pronounce:

Friends tell friends about great apps, so if your app´s name is easy to pronounce, this factor might help you go viral. If users can’t pronounce the app´s name it only will get annoying and frustrating to them.

In a 3 million store of apps and icons, it could be your name what sets your app apart from the rest. Remember your app will only have one opportunity to make a good first impression.

  1. Mixed words:

Define an app´s name it´s not easy. In a huge way, it´s your brand, and you want your brand to be everything you have thought about. If your app´s name and your brand are not aligned together, it will be difficult for your audience to  associate them.

So, before picking a name, make sure to write down a primary name list. A one-word title for your app can be risky, Why not to take the simple and effective process of using compounds words then? You have great examples like: Evernote, Tweetbot, Flipboard.

Probably your app functionality will expand later on, so using a general name avoids to be limited in the future.

  1. Available and relevant:

Whether you have a gaming, social or business app, creativity and functionality should be relevant to choose a name.  If users don’t have an idea what the app is for, take for sure they will lose interest.

Your app´s name must be indeed clear and easy to associated with the main idea of your app. Users must be sure about what the app actually does.

  1. Simple to remember:

Short and simple, that´s the key. Don’t try to impress with an incredible name no one will remember. Longer names are harder to “stick”. So, if possible, try to cut it down to two syllables at most.

Keep in mind that if an app´s name is different, memorable and it stands out among other similar apps, users are more likely to give it a try.

  1. Trendy but unique:

It could happen that the amazing name you want to use is already taken or, at least, is somehow related to another app. Situation that can confuse your audience.

There are always trends but try not to lose originality. Inform yourself, get to know what is fresh right now. You should distinguish yourself from the rest, so make sure your final name isn’t taken already. To be authentic and one of a kind must be your definitive goal!

Mobile apps names need to be easy to remember. After all, it´s a name that is expected to be pronounced thousands of times, and for a long time. These tips may work for you in the naming process.

Now, tell us, Which have been the best app names ever?