Wearable tech isn’t something new, in fact, it has been evolving over the century given human’s creative. However, it is right now that we see it more because of the incursion of wearables in the daily routine of thousands of users.

Brands like Samsung, Huawei or Motorola have taken the lead of the wearables market with their smartwatches, VR gear and other products that have made user’s life easier and enjoyable, as technology advances.

There are fields like health care, sports, business and entertainment have been boosted thanks to new options brought by wearables.

Measure your sport life

Fit bands, pedometers and smartwatches are the most famous sports wearables, allowing users to measure their exercise routines and  improve their performance in order to achieve their personal goals.

Heart rate, step counter, speed, calories burned and many more important data can be controlled by any sport wearable.

Clothes, helmets, belts and timing chips belong to this category. Although,there is also wearables specially made for specific sports like swimming, surfing or snowboarding, which are usually made to have a more precise control while practice them.

Managing your job routine

Wearables can be perfect for work tasks too, as you can manage your calendar, meetings, social networks or contacts on a smartwatch. Read emails or make phone calls without taking out your smartphone.

Besides smartwatches, there are more wearables that could help to improve work at the office. For instance, virtual assistants like Alexa or Google Home, which can provide important information about business news or daily meetings.

If you need help with a translation at work,there are wearables made to do so in real time.

Taking care of your health

Monitors, shoes, bands and medical checkers are part of the wearables made to take care of people´s health. Also, there are tools to measure stress levels and brain activity.

As you probably already know, the health sector has been one of the most explored ones. A lot of wearables have been launched in order to make easier important procedures like measuring heart rates, blood pressure, glucose levels and many more important data related to medicine.

With the incursion of these new gadgets into daily activities, developers have an open world of opportunities to create apps and make alliances that allow them to take the best out of both devices: smartphones and wearables.

Unexplored fields so far could also take advantage of this movement that is changing, or rather improving, social dynamics with new inventions that are making all kind of processes easier.

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Now tell us, How you think wearables have improved our lives? Do you use this type of technology in your daily routine?