Artificial Intelligence is a trending subject when it comes to tech innovation, which is often associated with robotics or advanced tech development. Mobile devices weren’t too related to this topic in the past, however it is until now that mobiles´ companies are starting to talk about the future of AI on smartphones and tablets.

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In 2014, Google acquired DeepMind, a british Artificial Intelligence company that created neuronal networks able to learn how to play a video game or recreate human short-term memory.

Google bought DeepMind for Artificial Intelligence research purposes, however this may focus its work in creating new ways to improve mobile performance and discover more features that change the way we see and use smart devices.

Other companies have been testing and launching functions like image and voice recognition. Brands like Samsung and Huawei have taken the lead on this field, innovating and developing features like Huawei’s new processor or the new virtual assistant of Samsung’s Galaxy series: Bixby.

What can we expect from AI on mobiles?

The best example of how AI can be used on mobiles are virtual assistants, which are made to understand voice commands and execute direct orders.

Google Assistant or Bixby make use of Artificial Intelligence and have set the tone of what we can expect in a near future.

Mostly, High-end devices are the ones that provide the experience of using features with AI. For instance, the Google Pixel 2 powered a “Now Playing” feature, which uses a customised and weekly-updated database of songs to tell you all the information about the song playing in the background.

There are many Gadgets that are being powered by AI as well: Real time translators, smartwatches, smart glasses or speakers are some of them.

AI in business

In a changing world like the mobile, improvements and new discoverments are essentials to maintain and grow the incomes of big companies. That’s why they many of them have spent millions of dollars making researches and launching new features for mobile devices every time.

Artificial Intelligence has a open field in all the sectors related to mobile devices. Manufacturers must adapt to technological advances to continue making it a profitable business. This is why its incursion on the mobiles is guaranteed.

AI and Android developers

Developers have a golden opportunity to enlarge their business model with all the type of new features they could add to their apps for the enjoyment of users, when this kind of technology becomes more and more a trend to implement on mobile devices.

Right now, most of the available apps in Play Store using AI are Virtual Assistants. It is expected that in a near future, more apps get improved by AI, in order to fully take advantage of this amazing technology.

So, new and revolutionary apps are expected to appear, but we are sure it won’t take long until we experience all the benefits that AI can provide to smartphones and applications.