Kotlin is rapidly becoming a common programming language among Android developers. Officially supported for app development since last year, it is called to be an expressive, concise and powerful language given its improved quality code and performance.

Its interoperability makes it possible to add new features built in Java to your codebase. This can definitely make the transition easier for those developers willing to give Kotlin a chance.

We already made a list of books you can use to start your journey learning this amazing language, however, there are other multiple resources out there you could also find useful.

It is important to mention that Kotlin is not new, it’s been out there for almost seven years, so, a proper documentation is available for those who want to try this new code everyone is talking about.

Kotlin Language Official sites

The best call to get you going with Kotlin would be directing yourself right into the official website. You´ll find plenty resources here, but, it is the reference section that stands out since it is a documentation that teaches you Kotlin´s basics concepts and features.

Other sections include step-by-step tutorials, an online IDE, books, and open source projects and libraries. A complete package for those who want to learn all about Kotlin.

You may also find useful to follow the official blog of the company behind Kotlin: Jetbrains. They publish news and updates about Kotlin regularly.


Android developer site provides a diversity of samples apps built with Kotlin with some of the newest features announced with Android 8.0 Oreo.

Android developer, Juan Saravia, made an 11 part guide to learn the language while you develop an infinite scroll Reddit type app: Keddit.


If you are more into watching videos when it comes to learning, then we can suggest you the following resources:

Derek Banas creates educational video tutorials, mostly about web development and programming languages. He made one you can use to Learn the core syntax of Kotlin through example code.

Peter Summerhoff made a short video tutorial series for Kotlin beginners. In 15 sections he covers the basics of variables, conditionals, loops, functions and more.

Abhishek Panwar created a Kotlin full course tutorial for beginners. Another great option for those who want to start from scratch.

Some free trial (then paid) video resources include O´Reilly course Introduction to Kotlin programming by Hadi Hariri from JetBrains and Kotlin for Java developers´ 161 minutes course from Treehouse.


If you have prior programming experience using Java, learning Kotlin should be your next step to take as an Android developer.

In the past, we talked about some of the differences between both languages and with Google´s last efforts to promote Style Guides for Kotlin and Kotlin extensions for Android it is undeniably that Kotlin is here to stay.

If you want to get started with Kotlin on Android, here is a post from the Android developer site that will show you how easy is to integrate Kotlin into your projects.

What do you think about all these available resources to learn Kotlin? Which ones have you used or will like to use next?