Sharing experiences, teaching others and communicating your ideas are some of the reasons why you should start blogging today!

Content is king is a popular statement Bill Gates made in 1996, titling an essay in which he suggested that winners in the internet era were going to be those who “use the medium to deliver information and entertainment”.

Creating content refers to any type of information: videos, podcasts, pictures, articles, etc. However, to provide the best results for consumers, search engines still depend on keywords, descriptions and human-friendly content.

Therefore, on this occasion, we will deepen on what are the benefits of blogging and what kind of content you could be interested in publishing.

Sharing experiences

An online portfolio is a great tool to improve your professional profile, it contains projects you have worked on and shows what you are really capable of. But, all this content is a result of a creative process.

Sharing experiences is more about getting to know the process: the challenges you have faced, how you´ve fixed certain situations or any recommendations you want to give to other developers.

Both blog and portfolio complement each other because one is the result of the other. So, you may take advantage of writing about how you have developed all your projects and validate this knowledge through your portfolio.

Learning and teaching others

Think for a second about how do you learn better. Most Android Developers say communities are important to them because they help you improve your knowledge.

Getting in contact with others who share similar interests is the best way to learn. Writing a blog allows you to be in touch with other developers, whether you choose to write about something you are struggling with or providing a solution for a problem.

Communities are there to help, answering questions as a way to teach and making questions as a way to learn. If you publish periodically you have good chances of becoming a referent and gain some followers.

Communicating your ideas

Writing will help you better structure your ideas and achieve online visibility, also, communication is part of the soft skills every developer should have and practice.

Part of communicating our ideas is the way we communicate them, in the Complete Guide for Serious Beginners, Ramsay Taplin shares the first steps to create a blog.

Taplin sees blogging as a profitable career and shares strategies to generate incomes. He suggests, among other things, to analyze your competition, put mobile devices first and make sure to prioritize visual content.

What could you start writing about?

Well, as we’ve mentioned before you might be interested in sharing experiences, teach others and communicate your ideas. But, how to start?

Blogging is still recommended to authors as a way to market and promote, this refers to the power to project yourself like you choose and in the areas you want.

You might project yourself as a Java expert or a mobile game developer expert, or maybe both. The idea is that you have the chance of becoming part of a community and help others through your experience, by creating a blog.

It is important to say that you won’t be able to write articles unless you practice. Some bloggers start by writing about the reasons that motivated them to start and the expectations and objectives they have.

These type of publications have the characteristic of being informal, they are an opportunity to introduce yourself and say hello to the developer community.

Are you an Android App Developer? Write about why did you choose this OS, what are the perks of creating apps for Android, and how did you learn what you know today.

Talk about the projects you are working on and ask your readers for advice in order to create better blog posts. What are your thoughts on creating a blog? Are your ready for publishing your first post?