For some years now, online education has been one of the most common ways to learn about something new, or to expand our knowledge about any subject. Many Schools and Universities have adopted this model, due to the fact that it is a viable option to reach a large amount of students willing to learn, while fostering cooperative learning.    

Without any doubt, it has revolutionized the way academic institutions teach, whether they use a complete e-learning method, or they choose to have a blended learning model to complement traditional education.

Despite all this, as a student, you should never underestimate e-learning. Yeah, it is convenient when you can’t attend a certain place and it’s always nice to have access to recorded lessons in case you miss one. However, it is important you stick to a schedule and be an active participant in the e-learning community you participate.  

Getting the most out of e-learning 

We interviewed Miguel Morales, Director of the MicroMasters Program which is a part of the Professional Android Developer course. With more than 12 years of experience leading projects of e-learning in Latin America, he shares his thoughts about e-learning:

“e-learning is a way you can create new learning experiences, where you can take advantage from different activities and resources online, while still being guided by a professor. However, the process is focused on learners rather than being focused on the teacher figure. Not being unidirectional means students have a lot of options to learn. It also enables you to assimilate content at your own pace and encourages you to be a self-taught person”.   

Being a self-taught student means to take a step further on your education. While the Android App Development for beginners course is a great way to start, looking for other complement sources is recommended. For instance, references of software development or programming a new language.

Besides, you must commit to the process. Do not misunderstand the flexibility provided by this method: You can learn any time, any place, but you must organize yourself to study and practice (Just the way you would do it for a traditional class).

Learning about Android App Development

We also asked him some tips and recommendations that can have benefits for you, whether you are a beginner or an advanced Android developer:  

Summaries and mental maps

Synthesize key concepts of each reviewed lesson. This will allow you to strengthen the theoretical aspects and relate all contents throughout the course.

The golden rule: Practice, practice and practice!

The only way to learn something practical is to practice. Make sure to check every activity of the course, validate your knowledge using the feedback provided by the automatic questionaries.

Compare your code with the proposed solution, the aspects to be improved, and new ways to perform the exercise or simply share your achievements with the rest of your colleagues. Share it at the forums and ask for any comments you can get. This will allow you to establish your acquired knowledge.

Don’t hesitate to ask

When you study from home, the resolution of possible doubts is something very important for the learning process, since it will help you progress. Use forums or hangouts to expand your knowledge, to solve specific questions, and to generate a good relationship with other participants and staff members of the course.

Use the course materials to build personal projects

Take the most out of each lesson. Every one of them can provide you with useful information and best practices to develop your own ideas. Use the examples and tasks presented as a reference for your personal projects.

Always remember to apply what you have learned. Employ new skills and acquired abilities to solve real-life problems! In many cases this will help you to self-motivate to achieve you goals.

Never give up!

Students who successfully complete an online course are not necessarily those with a better background or advanced technical knowledge, but those who have a higher level of dedication and tolerance for technical problems, work every day on the course syllabus and are willing to face challenges.

According to Morales, e-learning should allow students to ponder, research, analyze, synthesize, collaborate and, above all, to apply what you learn. That way you will definitely get the most out of your online  education.   

We hope this tips and recommendations help you to become a better student and reach your goal to be a professional android developer.