The Micromaster program for Android Application development is a complete option to begin your career as an Android specialist, in 5 modules you can learn about Java Fundamentals, beginners app development, more advanced features, monetization models and end up building a successful Android app as your capstone project.

Still, there are other resources you can find online to complement your education as a starter or experienced Android App developer. One of the most popular formats to learn something new these days are the channels you can find on YouTube, since video tutorials, educational series and updates are commonly used to new gain skills and knowledge.

So, in favor of wanting you to take full advantage of these resources, we would like to provide you some of the best channels on YouTube that can help you become a better Android app programmer:

Google Developers

Developers might be very familiar with this channel dedicated to present information about events, best practices, tips and the latests updates of products and platforms from Google.

We wrote an article about best Android development tutorials in which we included Android Developer YouTube Channel as one of many you must subscribe to, and the Google Developers YouTube Channel is another one too.

Even though this channel is not center on creating tutorials, through it you can learn tips and tricks from conferences and interviews made to developers working directly at Google.

Hitesh Choudhary

Choudhary created a YouTube channel to help other people to learn programming languages and information security, as it is one of his deepest interests. He publishes new content often and also does live streaming lessons weekly on Saturdays.

In the Android section, you can find tutorials about how to learn Android Programming, installing Android Studio, tips for developers and of course, new trends like Kotlin and its integration with Java.

Prabeesh R K

Prabeesh´s YouTube channel is focused on Java and Android tutorials. It is an excellent option for beginners, he recently released an Android Application Development Tutorial for 2018.

In this specific tutorial series, he begins with an introductory video, in which he shares useful information in order to contextualize his viewers and followers about the Android world, and a development environment preparation video as well.


This channel will teach you how to create apps on Android through a project-based learning. Mitch´s videos are focused only in Android development and its resources.

Among the playlists of this channel based on building projects to learn, you´ll find how to build an Android Instagram Clone, an Android Reddit app and an Android Classifieds app using Firebase and ElasticSearch.


This is another great option for those who want to learn by building an already existing example of an app. How about developing an Android Uber Clone or a Making Order Food App?

EDMT Dev teaches you with other interesting examples too, but it is the Android Kotlin Programing playlist the one you might want to check out.

One more thing, this is not common but nobody talks in these tutorials while the steps to follow are shown, so it is up to you if you find this to help you learn either faster or better.

So, these are one of the best resources you can find on YouTube whether you want to begin or improve your knowledge of Android App development. Make sure to watch some of these great tutorials and tells us what you think about them!