Following blogs related to your career is important in order to keep you updated about news, releases or any information that can be useful to improve your daily work.

For Android Developers there are many sites that can notify you about new features, OS versions, trends, programming languages and other stuff involved in app development.

Of course, you can also follow these sites to be aware of what’s new on mobile devices, upcoming gadgets or the current situation in the mobile market.

With that in mind, we want you to take a look at some of the best sites dedicated to this Operating System that you can visit to stay updated with all kind of interesting news regarding Android and its development process.

We’d like to mention, then, some of the best blogs that you should follow in case you don’t want to miss a thing about Android:

Android Developers Blog (Google)

This is Google’s official blog aim at Android developers. This is a must-follow site in which you´ll find many posts about the latest news in the Android world, all written by Google members from all departments like relationists, advocates, product managers or software engineers.     

In this blog, you´ll find everything related to Android OS, news releases, changes made by the company, next launches, and even tricks that can be useful for developers.

As we said, being the official blog for Android developers, you will want to follow it.

Android Authority

They consider themselves to be a voice for the world of Android & technology. Android Authority is the site where you’ll find news about the Android world: Phones, apps, gadgets, tricks for users and, of course, Android Development.

Android Authority is one of the most popular blogs and it includes a large team of writers who work in development, device reviews, and the tech industry.

Androiddev/Reddit Profile

One of the most popular and visited forums on the web, Reddit, has a well-known profile for developers and Android fans.

The Androiddev community has nearly 94k subscribers and more than one million fans on Facebook.

It goes without saying that the catch of this profile lays in its great structure. Being around for a while now (founded in 2005 by college students), here you´ll find articles, presentations, libraries and tools, among many other things.


This is a famous website about the technology and trends, although it also covers other topics. Mashable talks about everything: new discoverments, social networks, devices launches, the science behind new technology and many more.

Mashable still remains one of the best sites to keep you updated, bringing you the latest news on mobile devices and reviews. It is a reliable source that can give you the right information about what’s currently happening in the tech world in general.

Android edX Community Blog

We cannot pass the opportunity to talk about our blog, in which you´ll find the main information that people who want to get started in Android development need.

We discuss about apps, projects, programming languages, best practices, new features launched by Google or tips to help you become a professional and successful Android developer.

The blog is backed by Galileo University and edX, and it is part of the Professional Android Developer Micromaster Program, which you can take to become a Professional in this area.  

So, these are the blogs we recommend you to follow. They will give you a wide range of information and news to complement your learning process of the Android world. Make sure to visit them and see what they have to offer.