Most of the time that people talk about some of the best Android Apps, we usually hear about big popular names in the market like Facebook, Waze, Whatsapp or Instagram.

On Play Store, you have 3.3 million apps available to be downloaded. As an Android Developer you might be interested in exploring a few of them, so you can find examples of ideas or features you would like to add to your projects.

Thinking about this, we picked four apps we think everyone should know about. Perhaps you have heard about them already, however, we consider people should be talking more about them.  

Google Arts & Culture

About 1,200 museums and galleries in more than 70 countries open their doors through this app so you can explore artworks like pictures, videos and manuscripts.

In this app, you can enjoy functions based on Virtual Reality Technology and explanatory texts in different languages about artworks and the history behind them.

There’s an interesting feature where you can take a selfie and the app will make a comparison of your photo with a famous artwork. Also, you can save your favorite pieces on personal collections.

As you can see, this is a very complete and still a little unknown app from Google that provides you with a great experience of culture and art around the world.


Getting used to a routine is always difficult, especially when you don’t have any reminders or they are not interactive enough with you.

Habit Hub is a wonderful app to help you get used to habits, no matter if they are new or old. The main idea of the app is for you to make a chain with the idea of never breaking it.

Your daily goal is to keep the chain growing. You can make several chains and categorize your habits according to different tasks or aspects of your life.

HabitHub is based on Seinfeld’s productivity secret: “Don’t break the chain! Every time you do a habit, your chain grows longer. Eventually, you will build a very long chain. Your only job now is to keep the chain growing”.


This multi-award winner app is something every user should download. The main objective of Dream Lab is to help cancer research in a curious way.

It turns out that researchers need supercomputers that can support huge and complex data to scan DNA. When charging your phone, turn on the DreamLab app to help download parts of encrypted research from the cloud and send the results to the research team.

The idea of the creators of this app is to make the process faster with the help of many users that can contribute to this even when they sleep. A very creative and easy way to help a good cause.


Spendee is an easy to use money manager and budget planner that counts with a great design. With this app, you can manage your daily expenses and incomes to take a detailed control of your finances.

With Spendee you can have perfect control of all your cash expenses, bank accounts, E-Wallets and crypto wallets. This can be one of the most complete budget manager apps that you can find in the store.

As you can see, these apps have a lot to offer to its users. You should try them and discover the things that make them just great. Remember that you can enroll in our MicroMasters Program to learn everything about Android Development and become a Professional.