Nowadays we can find apps that are made for different types of purposes. Using mobiles to promote charity is also an easy way users have to do something for a good cause. You can see some of the best ideas to help a good cause in this article.

The idea of giving to others is highly present in many societies. If there’s something people can make to help others, they will likely do it if they believe in the cause. Today, this is something more achievable thanks to mobile apps.

Let’s take a look at some of the most curious and interesting charity apps for Android.

ShareTheMeal, the app against global hunger

Fighting against global hunger is one of the basic goals of humanity. With ShareTheMeal, an app made for the food programme of the United Nations, we find a way in which users can donate a daily meal for children living in the most conflicted countries around the world.

Users can donate the entire cost of a feeding day or less amount of money to help, as every donation counts. Currently, thanks to the app, this initiative has reached over 13 million meals, feeding kids in over 80 countries.

atlasGO, a running app for your favorite cause

In a time where health and fitness apps are often used by millions of mobile users, atlasGO gives you the chance of setting new challenges in your favorite outdoor workout among walking, running or hiking.

Once you enter the app, it tracks your route in order to make a donation every time you reach a certain distance. You can be part of a community or create your own by inviting friends to join this “Sweaty Changemakers” initiative.

AtlasGO provides help to several causes like hunger, poverty, education or health, to name a few.

Donate a Photo, a charity app for giving

Taking pictures is one of mobile users´ favorite activities and that’s why Johnson & Johnson decided to create this app that donates $1 to a cause of your preference for every picture you take and share using this app.

The app has helped nearly 200 causes so far. Just pick a cause, take a photo and share it on the app. You can also invite your friends to make a contribution to social causes and help the World to be a better place.

DreamLab, plug your mobile and help cancer research

We’ve talked about DreamLab before, the app made to help cancer researchers find a cure have been multi-awarded due to its simplicity and effectivity.

Users only need to turn on the app and get a network connection when charging their phones, your mobile then will allow to process DNA data in a faster way.

If you connect your phone to charge it all night, researchers will be allowed to process near 60 calculations and solve up to 24,000 operations of a huge research project in the cloud. Once you unplug your mobile, the data process stops automatically.

Forward, gather donations

Giving away things that we don’t use anymore is usual. However, with Forward you can look for a charity in your local area to help or even find things that you might like and get them, in exchange for a little donation.

Just take a picture of something you want to give away (clothes, toys, furniture, accessories, etc.), select a value for it and pick a charity you´d like to help from the list.

Anyone who wants to get your stuff has to make that donation to get it, the same if you want something else from another person.

As you can see, this is another interesting way in which apps are used today. You might want to take a look at them and see how effective they are.

Now, tell us: What do you think about these type of apps? Do they motivate you to do some charity work?