Being informed all the time about the most recent news could be difficult, that is why we’d like to show you some tips that may help you keep updated on everything related to Android app development and its trends.

As a professional who works in tech and digital industry, you must know that it’s essential to be up to date with everything that surrounds your working sector; in this case, Android Development.

This will help you know what is what users are finding more appealing at the moment. Also, it will be good for you to know recent updates and news about new devices, technologies and new features that you can implement to your projects.

In case you might be struggling on how to keep up with everything related to app development, we’ll give you some tips that you can use in your daily routine.

Follow specialized blogs

Obviously, following blogs have a lot of benefits for you and your growth as an Android Developer. If you get to read constantly about tech trends you’ll keep updated and sharp about improved features, resources or new ways of doing things better.

There are several websites that offer the latest news about development and the Android world. Following the best Android blogs will keep you updated on what you really need to know.

Also, a widely known platform to discover new topics or get discovered as an author is Medium, where you can find out different type of subjects and follow -or be followed by- thousands of experts, fans and professionals of software development industry.

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Attend to events

Attending to events related to your industry has several benefits to your career progress. Besides witnessing what’s new at first hand, in these events you can get in touch with colleagues to create solid connections, meet professionals who can help you expand your professional work vision or start being known as an expert in your field.  

Overall, you get to meet other people with your same interest of being up to date. These colleagues and experts are the ones who might give you some great advice for your daily work or your own projects.

Take courses

Some people might find upgrading their knowledge constantly to be something tedious. However, this is the only way we have to reinforce our abilities, and it will definitely boost your professional career as a developer.

It is highly important for you to take different courses to keep learning best practices, software upgrades or new techniques to make successful apps.

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Be active on Social Media

Social Media is an important business tool nowadays. However, it is also a great place to look for everything that surrounds the mobile industry, including Android devices and app development.

Searching and following specialized accounts of experts, communities or blogs will help you see how new launches are being received, possible changes of directions and shared thoughts about today’s industry, for instance. All to keeping up with the trends.

Participate in forums

There are many reasons why joining online forums is a great thing to do for all constant learners. Staying active in discussion groups related to your profession is relevant, mainly because it helps to increase your knowledge given the influence of other users who are also part of it.

This is vital for all tech-related professionals who wish to interact with people from different countries and contexts all over the world, however, we must also do some research first, in order to find the most reliable forums out there.

So, these are a few tips you can follow to keep up with app development trends today. Don´t forget that in order to become a better professional you should never lose the track on your work field, specially in technology matter, where you can get easily left behind.


What do you think about these tips? How do you keep up with today’s trends?