We’d like to share with you some tips you can follow in order to strengthen your knowledge and improve your profile as an Android Developer.

We’ve talked before about why becoming an Android Developer requires more than the technical knowledge of how to create projects. You must also take into account other things like never losing the eager to keep learning, think outside the box or bring fresh features to your projects, to name a few.


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The next tips are some of the most recommended by experts on several blogs and specialized Android websites. Take a look at them and try to apply this in order to improve your skills in app development.

Stay Updated (and motivated)

Being updated about what’s new is important in every profession, however, for digital-related jobs is a must.

Forbes gives us a list of best practices you can do to keep up to date as a Software developer. The most relevant are: follow tech influencers, taking courses, going to app-related events, follow trends, going to co-working places and get in touch with colleagues.

All this will help you stay updated on everything related to app development and will make you master everything about the Android world.

Think outside the box

Going in the same line with trendy stuff is relevant nowadays in order to make successful projects that can satisfy users needs, but also to avoid wasting your resources in apps that nobody will like.

However, you must try to find something that makes your app different than others. To find that feature that can make your project something remarkable you should think outside the box, maintaining the balance between something that breaks the rules and remains functional.

Get inspiration to write better code

App Development is a promising professional career that continues opening opportunities to thousands of people that have become experts in the subject.  

That’s something you can take advantage of by learning and improving your skills on code written by more experienced people. You can look at open source apps to find new techniques and practices that you didn’t know before.

Besides, you can start getting familiar with the Android framework internals, learning more programming languages, contributing to open source or read a lot more code in general.  

Keep your app updated

Always have in mind that your app may require occasional changes after you launch it in the store. Keeping your app updated will give users the certainty that you’re aware of the necessity of improving your app in order to deliver them a better product.

For this, It’s always important to consider users´ feedback when it comes the time to update your project. Users appreciate when developers take in mind their opinions to enhance their apps.

Test your apps on Low-end devices

Remember that millions of Android users have mid-range and low-end devices that don’t have the same capabilities that high-end devices do.

As a developer, you must build your apps to work perfectly on all kind of Android devices without being crashed. That’ll help your app to get more relevance and a better ranking in the Google Play Store. Here’s a great article about what you can do to optimize your apps.

So, these are a few tips you can follow to improve your skills and knowledge as an Android Developer. Remember that you can become a Professional Android Developer by taking our MicroMasters Program´s Course, enroll now and start preparing yourself to become a complete Android developer.