An Android developer will find the way to use all his knowledge and capacities in every moment. As every expert he’ll try to optimize the skills he learnt and will look for different ways to apply them in order to become a better professional.

On the Play Store you can find apps that will allow you to use and apply your skills as a person specialized on creating software for Android devices. Those apps have several functions and objectives that may help you to learn, optimize or just have a unique way of fun.

Take a look at our suggestions of apps that you, as a developer, surely will love to have on your Android device, no matter if you are a beginner or an expert Android developer.

  1. Algoid – Programming language

This is, perhaps, one of the most famous programming apps on Google Play. Algoid is ideal app for people who are starting to understand everything about programming and Apps development.

You can visualize and learn how to create different kind of apps from the beginning. On the process you’ll see tricks and advices to make apps faster and bugs-free.

The app provides many kind of examples, such as games, writing apps, graphic editors, and more. Every example has a tutorial of how it was made, knowledge you can then use on your own apps.  

AlgoId is the only Android App that includes a real time debugger with the idea that you can experience the process of debugging apps to optimize them.

  1. AIDE-IDE for Android Java C++

AIDE (Android Integrated Development Environment)  is one of the most complete apps that you’ll find out there. It’s ideal if you are one of those who never want to stop discovering about new things and features for your projects.

This app has a very powerful interface that allow developers to create, modify and optimize their apps directly from their device.  

The most interesting thing about this app is that you can launch your project directly from your device. You are also able to look for bugs and fix them immediately from the app.

You can also edit your app code with rich text format to show you easily the changes or new features you’re adding to the project.

  1. DroidEdit Pro

There are many code source editors on the Play Store, and DroidEdit Pro is one of the best.

This app has a free version and a paid version. It supports several programming languages, including Java (most used for Android development), C++ or HTML5.  DroidEdit allows you to open files from your mobile device (storage, sd card) and has support for Dropbox, Drive and Box.

Its interface enables you to switch between projects. It includes a menu, code searcher and a commands replacing option.

  1. Learn Java App

This is a tutorial app with an interface of an e-learning app, so it get easy to follow up. With Learn Java, you’ll find a complete introduction to Java, necessary to learn developing Android apps.

No programming experience is needed here. This app is set to be completed in less than three hours, so you can gain basic understanding of the concepts of this programming language.  

  1. C++ Programming App

Although you should only use C++ for specific purposes in you Android app, we´d like to tell you about C++ Programming app.

This app has more than 140 programs and exams that will help you to understand more about terms, tricks and best practices of this occasionally-used language for Android apps.

If you want to see the differences between NDK and SDK tools or when to use Java or C/C++ check out this chart.  

No matter if you’re beginning the process or if you’re already an Android Developer, you should take a look to these apps and take advantage of all their benefits they provide to strengthen your knowledge and skills.