Learning Android App Development is still a great thing to do because there is so much going on in this area. It’s a profit-making profession on high demand.

There are many innovative ideas in the mobile applications market, and the growth of new technologies that will improve the mobile environment assure us a great outcome for the investment in these type of careers.

Smart home apps, voice-activated apps, artificial intelligence and Chatbots in e-commerce, are only some of the technologies looking to be part of the mobile world. The main goal of all them is to make our lives easier.

We all use our mobile devices and applications as part of our lives, whether we choose to use it for entertainment, for being more productive in our jobs or for shopping. So, it’s not an exaggeration to say that we depend on the Application Developers to do many things in our daily lives today.

The best job in 2018

Investing in education is investing in your future, therefore choosing a career that will give you a good job perspective is a good call to make.

Above careers like dentistry, physician assistant and nurse practitioner, the best job in 2018 is Software Developer. These professionals are in huge demand and are expected to earn more than $100,000 annually.

Aside from job opportunities in the software developer environment, areas related to Engineering and Computer Science are also in the top of the best lucrative careers in 2018.

Software developers are seen as a self-taught professionals, who live mostly connected to their computer and are always looking for new ways to increase their knowledge.

This profession is so wanted that even companies are forced to create flexible and learning-driven workplaces to hire and retain people.

Companies are looking for talented developers with experience in creating projects and not because of the number of degrees they own. Also, employers evaluate problem-solving skills rather than programming language fluency.

The growth of m-commerce

All businesses need an app, this allows them to obtain benefits like Brand awareness, increase revenues, become mobile-friendly (understanding the consumption habits of today) and generate engagement.

The mobile application market has a good projection: by 2021 it is expected that the number of mobile app downloads worldwide reach the 352 billion.

Also, the mobile commerce is expected to grow. By the end of 2018, China – the world’s largest e-commerce market – is expected to have a 75% of e-commerce sales via a mobile device since m-commerce it is starting to take a place in the market, as we´ve seen before.

Users spend more time using their mobile devices than using their desktop computer. The difference of the time spent on each one is significant and more than likely to increase in the future: 59% of their time spent on a mobile device vs 41% on a desktop computer.


Learning Android App Development is still a great thing to do because it opens the door to a lot of opportunities. There is a huge demand of software developers and the payment is quite good.

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