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How Android Things helps building IoT devices

Google has been working and experimenting with the Internet of Things (IoT) for several years now. In general terms, this technology lets smart devices to use sensors and actuators to communicate with each other across the internet. In 2015, they launched the Project Brillo for this matter, but after getting some feedback from developers regarding the difficulties of working with different types of products, they decided to go for an OS with the same development tools as standard Android. Android Things They launched Android Things one year later then, easing the development process by enabling developers to create IoT...

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Android OS vs iOS: Which one is Better?

Many people interested in becoming professional app developers could be wondering which one of the major mobile operating systems is better: Android or iOS.    Especially because they want to know if they should first learn to develop apps for Android devices or for iPhones. Well, each OS has its own pros and cons and depending on what you are looking for then you´ll find which one suits best to your needs. Strictly from a buyer’s point of view, there might not be many great differences between them, mostly when many people consider that they have imitated each other...

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Google’s Machine Learning Kit helps you develop smarter apps

Artificial Intelligence has caught our attention once again since the announcements of Google’s new products and services. Machine Learning, as a method for achieving Artificial Intelligence, soon will be integrated to the majority of features on Android. The newest smartphones will be launched with Android P, the most recent operating system, allowing users to experiment how machine learning can be used to get smarter mobile devices. For those new developers with clients or bosses asking them to try out this trendy technology, Google launched the ML Kit beta. This SDK is now available on Firebase and aims to help...

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How is Google making use of AI to improve the Android Experience

Last Google I/O left us important announcements for Android development such as Android App Bundle, Android Jetpack, Slices or App Actions, to name a few. In addition to all this new amazing features and resources they have presented, the event has made something very clear: Artificial Intelligence is becoming a main focus of Google. Although betting for AI isn’t something new at Google, not in vain have they renamed its research division to Google AI, which proves how much more committed they are about this technology now, which we will see integrated into their services even more. And with...

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Android P: How the newest OS version will make Android devices more intelligent and easier to use

One of the most expected presentations at Google I/O this year was the release of Android´s newest version: Android P, and the improvements that come along with it. Celebrating 10 years since they launched the first Android phone, the event was held once again in Mountain View, California and Google’s team let us know the main changes that devices using Android P will have. Dave Burke, VP of Engineering at Google, introduced Android P with the statement “smartphones should be smarter”. This version of Android is being focused on three main things: Simplicity, Artificial Intelligence, and Digital Wellbeing. Let’s...

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