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The Impact and current challenges of MOOCs in education

MOOCs have been evolving over the years and institutions are continuously making efforts to discover the best strategies in order to get better outcomes from online education. We have already talked about the importance of taking online courses to improve yourself or boost your professional career, especially in areas related to technology. In the context of the first International Conference MOOC-Maker, Johannes Heinlein, vice president of strategic partnerships for edX,  shared with us his experience in the creation of MOOCs worldwide and the changes currently occurring in online education. Impact of MOOCs in education According to Heinlein, MOOCs have been...

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MOOCs for the promotion of education in the fields of arts and creative technology

In many Universities, art departments get less fundings compared to other departments. Taking it further, in some cultures art is not commonly expressed or even appreciated. However, this is when MOOCs turn out to have a great value, as they can be used to promote education in the fields of arts. Kadenze was created to fulfill the lack of artistic education online. According to its CEO and President, Ajay Kapur, the project was built under the idea that teaching computer science in a creative way makes people end up learning it much better: “Many times, these classes are taught...

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Top Apps for Photography Lovers

Photography is one of the main subjects that companies have in mind when it comes to launch new devices year by year. In fact, right now, the competition between high-end smartphones is related to the power and performance of their cameras, giving users what they want: to take the best pictures possible. The constant development of smartphones cameras have attracted photography lovers who look for better experiences when taking photographs with daily use devices. This is where apps come in handy too, as they provide the right tools for editing, sharing or pulling the best out of the smartphone...

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How to boost your gaming performance on Android devices

In 2007, when Google decided to launch their Operating System, they made the crucial choice of making it an open source project. They wanted to provide developers more facilities and freedom to create apps, by taking advantage of all the features that Android tools offer. Those features allow, not only developers but users as well, to look for hidden features on their devices to boost their performance experience in terms of graphics, battery life or stability, among others. These features, known as “Developer options”, are hidden in the device settings and they are easy to activate. Android users that...

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MOOC-Maker: Supporting the creation of MOOCs in Higher Education

A few days ago, the first International Conference “MOOC-Maker” was held in Guatemala with the main goal of gathering several experts in the online courses field, and discuss about the present and future scene of e-learning. MOOC-Maker is a project founded by the European Commission Erasmus+ with two main purposes: Developing capabilities for the construction of Moocs and conduct research about the initiatives developed. According to its global coordinator, Carlos Delgado Kloos, Ph. D., “The project aims to improve the creation of MOOCs in Latin America”. Three Higher Education Institutions from Europe and six from Latin America form this...

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