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Building audio apps on Android with Oboe

Audio is a very important feature for mobile development. There are tons of apps that are aware of the relevance of providing great audio to create amazing experiences for Android users. A C++ library, named Oboe, for building high performance -or low latency- audio apps has been recently introduced.    According to official Android developers accounts, Oboe offers the lowest latency possible across 99% of Android devices. Nowadays, users expect things to happen pretty fast, if something is getting delay for some reason they soon lose interest. That is why creating an immediate interaction between the user and the...

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Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL: Google´s newest smartphones

The new Google Pixel 3 was officially presented a few days ago, with the hope of becoming a serious competitor among its rivals. Although there’s been a wide variety of rumors and leaks about this smartphone over the last months, they decided to make an event to show us all what it has to offer.    The Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL come with a Snapdragon 845 processor, 4GB RAM and whether 64GB or 128GB of storage memory. So, they come with the expected specs for a flagship phone nowadays, though they could’ve come with 6GB RAM.   ...

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Using apps for a good cause

Nowadays we can find apps that are made for different types of purposes. Using mobiles to promote charity is also an easy way users have to do something for a good cause. You can see some of the best ideas to help a good cause in this article. The idea of giving to others is highly present in many societies. If there’s something people can make to help others, they will likely do it if they believe in the cause. Today, this is something more achievable thanks to mobile apps. Let’s take a look at some of the most...

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Best countries to work as an App Developer

In this post, we’d like to review some of the best countries to work as an app developer, for those interested in making a professional career in Android development. First off, we’d like to mention that app development is a global activity right now and there are many professionals all over the world developing all type of great apps and games for a company or independently. However, it is also true there are certain countries where you can find different mobile ecosystems, especially those countries in which, for one reason or another,  app development has concentrated more. We have...

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Mobile market statistics every developer should know – Part 2

We’d like to continue talking about some of the current facts of the mobile market because, as we said before, it is important for developers to be aware of everything that surrounds the mobile world and the statistics we discover about it. We listed a few mobile stats in a previous article, so you would have an idea of how mobile market essentially keeps growing year by year, and now we want to deliver more data that supports why today remains a great time for app development.   Time spent on mobiles keeps increasing The usage of desktops and...

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