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Best practices for Android app development

In order to create a high-quality app, you must take into consideration several aspects. With the right tools and the right planning, you can make your development process much easier and end up having a more satisfactory final product for you, but especially for your users. Some of these aspects include creating a great user experience, understanding the Google Play Store, Testing your app or making use of the tools provided by Google to build and improve your product. That said, we’d like to talk about some of the best practices you can implement when developing an Android app....

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How to create a great app listing in Google Play Store

Something you should never lose sight of when developing an Android app it is the marketing planning it requires. A key part of your app marketing it is how you show it and sell it to users. That is why we’d like to talk about how to create a great app listing in Google Play Store.   We´ve seen the importance of working on a marketing strategy alongside the development process and how not taking this into consideration is one of the common mistakes that new developers must avoid. Lets review then, some of the things you can do...

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Best new indie games for Android in 2018

We know one of the biggest dreams of many developers is to build amazing games for mobile devices. There is a great competition in this field, however, there are games that have stood out from the rest and even have been named by Google itself as best new indie games for Android in 2018. New developers who have this goal can surely get inspired by these great indie games, whether to create or improve their own projects, as these ones have shown that it can be done given the innovation, fun, and quality they present. That said, let’s see...

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What you need to know about developing apps for Children

Today, children have access to many kinds of different apps, which they use for learning, entertainment or creativity purposes, mostly. Developing apps for Children is a really important job because, at an early age, they find themselves already immersed in some of the latest digital trends. Designed by Freepik Not so long ago, Nielsen made a report about children´s mobile usage, in which it is said that almost half of the kids in the U.S. have a cell phone plan, and downloading an app is within their top mobile activities (59%). And what about the spent time? At the...

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