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Excellent promising Android apps in 2018

We began this year´s first trimester with dozens of new apps added to Google Play Store, for the use (and joy) of all of us Android consumers. As you probably already know, last year Google released an Android Excellence recognition, in the Editor’s choice page of the Play Store. This, to provide proper attention to apps with better experience and performance from the rest. Photo by Stephen Frank on Unsplash Android Excellence recognition has been divided into two categories: apps and games. We would like to talk about some of the ones from the first category. We must say...

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Events every Android app developer must go to at least once

Attending to events is an incredible opportunity for all developers to get a new perspective on the app development environment. The experience of sharing ideas with new people can be very enriching. Conferences and events have a sense of community, which can be defined as a group of people who share similar interests and get together to talk about those topics that fascinate them the most. Learn from the experience of other people is always a plus, a community can help you create a professional network and, maybe, find job opportunities. Social media has definitely helped developers to create...

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Best courses to learn Android App Development in 2018

Learning Android development continues to be one of the best decisions for professionals who wants to get prepared to find a job in a tech area. Just as many specialized websites like or U.S. Bureau of labor statistics indicate, there will be more people with these type of jobs by 2024. This is a trend we’ve talked before and that will remain for this year. With this in mind, and knowing that today is the best time to learn Android App development, we’d like to talk about the best courses currently available to learn how to build mobile...

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Best new Android apps for kids

The emergence of mobile devices and applications has created new ways of learning and entertaining today. It is very common to see kids making use of smartphones and tablets, and some of them at a very young age. You could image this is also a target group to consider when developing apps for Android, as it has a very large base of users, especially when it comes to games and education. There are apps developed to be their first contact with science, language, maths or colouring topics, although there are other apps that just aim to free kids´ imagination....

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Android games to pay attention in 2018

Games ares one of the most popular type of apps released nowadays. In fact, as mentioned before about the value of making games for mobiles, it is estimated that 2 out of 3 new smartphone owners install a game within a week of having purchased their device. Also, statistics indicated that last year almost 90% of Google Play´s revenues came out of games. So, as an Android Developer that is something it could definitely drag your attention. There is already a vast offer out there, we won’t deny it, however, creative indie developers have released some interesting games for...

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