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Android apps for everyone

The good thing about having, literally, millions of apps to our disposal is that we can find a great variety of options to satisfy specific needs.   There are many apps developed to improve the localization and culturalization for emerging markets. They help to increase the use of mobile technologies for different purposes and in different areas. It is common to find that these apps are not extremely innovative, however, they have been adapted to work in particular regions, something local users always appreciate. That said, let’s see some of the best apps built for billions in emerging markets:...

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Great indie mobile games worth to play

We’ve talked about some just great games for mobiles that have been made by big companies providing a unique experience in terms of design or gameplay. However, there are also indie games worth to play as they have stood out in this same way. Whether by its dynamics or its story, we all enjoy of a well-polished game. And, if it delivers beautiful landscapes or a new way of playing, it doesn’t get any better than that. Let’s see some of the best indie games that we can find on Google Play right now: Bridge Constructor Portal In Bridge...

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Android apps offering great AR and VR experience

We all have witnessed how Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality are being implemented in app development, right now. It is an increasing trend that will continue to be treated and polished in the future. We´ve seen Google´s efforts to make this type of technology accessible for more Android developers with the release of ARCore SDK, for example. All these can create new experiences for users eager to prove new things on their mobile devices. That’s why we’d like to talk about some apps that are taking advantage of ARCore or Daydream (Google VR) to offer an engaging and immersive...

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Android apps that increase accessibility for users

We’ve discussed how apps have changed our social dynamics in many levels. There are plenty of resources out there we can use to make our life easier, however, apps can also provide accessibility for people who aren’t as considered by others as it is required. Apps can help to serve people with disabilities or special needs, too. There are some that have found innovative ways to improve device interaction in this sense. Here are some of the best Android apps developed to give an accessibility experience:     Be My Eyes Be My Eyes is an awarded app that helps...

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Google Play´s Academy for app success

Google continues making big efforts to provide better training to all Android developers who are looking to become successful. This time, they have introduced Google Play´s Academy for app success, which is willing to take you from being a good developer to a great developer.   Nowadays, it’s not enough with having a nice idea for an app or a game as the market has grown exponentially to be highly competitive. Our app must be excellent at all levels so it can stand out from the rest and stick in people’s minds.      The Academy for App Success is...

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