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Top Apps for athletes

Today it is more common to see people using apps for leading a healthy lifestyle.  Athletes have found in mobile technology the perfect ally to improve their exercise routines, as they have better control of their effort while working out. We’ve seen before that users who are looking for a healthier life can take advantage of several apps in their Android devices, especially smartphones and wearables, which adapt their functions to show you features focused on your fitness habits. As an Android developer, you should take note of all kind of apps that are available on Google Play focused...

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Wearables and their incursion in user’s daily activities

Wearable tech isn’t something new, in fact, it has been evolving over the century given human’s creative. However, it is right now that we see it more because of the incursion of wearables in the daily routine of thousands of users. Brands like Samsung, Huawei or Motorola have taken the lead of the wearables market with their smartwatches, VR gear and other products that have made user’s life easier and enjoyable, as technology advances. There are fields like health care, sports, business and entertainment have been boosted thanks to new options brought by wearables. Measure your sport life Fit...

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Best Android apps to learn a foreign language

It goes without saying that apps have made our lives a lot easier. We’ve seen how mobile devices and apps have changed our social dynamics, specifically in the ways we communicate and get things done nowadays. In more detail, when it comes to the ways we get things done, you can easily stand out how we learn online today. For instance, being able to speak new languages have always been something that people are interested in. We won’t deny there is quite an offer of apps out there if you wish to speak a new language. However, depending on...

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How MOOCs have changed education

We can’t deny the impact of MOOCs in education. As we’ve mentioned before, this type of educational modality has been around for a while, however, it wasn´t until recent years that we’ve experienced how they boosted changes in the ways we learn today. According to Class Central, a search engine for free online courses and MOOCs, last year there were estimated to be 58 millions students who signed up for at least one MOOC, with more than 6850 courses taught by 700 Universities worldwide. Those are quite impressive figures, considering the beginning of the MOOC movement in 2011, that...

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How profitable is to develop apps?

Nowadays, we can find all types of apps in our daily life that help us for work, business, studies or entertainment. Even personal services have now also become mobile like food ordering, banking and e-commerce. With so much interest going on about mobile apps development, you may be wondering, How profitable is it to create a mobile app? Or more importantly, What are the revenues for app development? With that in mind, we´d like to share with you some of its figures and numbers. App development: A fast growing business Right now, the App economy is at one of...

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