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Do you know Google Developers Training?

Android development has become a popular career due to the global impact that mobiles have reached in our lives for the last years. Especially, for those who use the mobile OS created by Google, which continues leading the market with a share of 77.2%, taking a huge advantage over its competitors. Developers have several options to learn about Android development now. Universities offer app and web development careers and there are many online courses that can help you get introduced into the Android development world, just like the Micromaster Program, where you can begin your way to become a...

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4 new great Android endless running games worth playing

We all like to enjoy a good game on our smartphones or tablets. Continuing with our usual lists of great apps for Android we decided to talk about some endless running games for Android we are sure you´d love playing. If your goal as an app developer is to create mobile games, it is worth you check out all the different game ideas out in Google Play Store. There you can find some inspiration to polish an idea or find out how innovative/different your game can really be.   That said, let’s see some great Android endless running games...

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Engaging users with your Android game

There is a significant number of developers that decided to learn about app development because they want to create great mobile games for the joy and entertain of users.    We’ve talked about the wide variety of games for Android, practically any genre you could think of. And even though, we have discussed about What you need to know before developing a game or about Development tools to make your own games, there is a key aspect you must consider as well: Engaging your users. In order to create a successful game, you have to make them get back...

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How to become a freelance Android app developer

Becoming a freelancer is something many developers look for considering the dynamics of their job. Today´s technologies have contributed to making it easier, especially in the U.S., where the workforce has reached 34%. While this is not an option for everybody, those app developers who wish to become freelancers need to take into account several aspects it implicates like the competition, selling yourself, having a plan or knowing how much to charge, to name a few. Of course, there are people that have started freelancing without have even planned it. An opportunity to work this way outside their job...

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Great Google Assistant features for Android devices

Google Assistant is one of the greatest softwares ever created to help people with their daily tasks related to a device usage like making calls, sending a text or setting an alarm. Not so long ago, it was something exclusive for some smartphones and now it is an excellent tool for many Android users -even iPhone users- to get things done easier. In the last years, Google has made clear their intentions to improve Artificial Intelligence on devices and look for new ways on how users can benefit from this interaction, by adding better features to their voice-powered assistant....

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