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Mobile usage in Holiday Season

Every day is more common to observe how consumers are always connected through mobile devices to look for information about a product or service that they are interested in purchasing. This is a habit that has been increasing over the years due to the way mobile applications allow us to communicate, search for an offer, a product review or making our lives easier when we shop online. According to a 2016 Holiday Shopping & mobile marketing trends survey made by SessionM, 46% of the smartphones users reported they were planning to shop with their mobile device this season, 42% said...

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What is a Google Developer Expert

Imagine you are a developer expert that provides support to other developers, startups and companies dedicated to change the world and innovate the ways we communicate, socialize, educate or entertain through mobile applications. In these days that sounds like a very important and rewarding labor: you could be the person who guides new or future generations to develop better mobile apps. Now, any skill you gain in life takes time and practice to master. For several years now, Google has been known as a company that promotes integration in technological and business aspects with programs like Google Developer Groups,...

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5 steps to promote your app

As an Android Developer you may spend several time building an app. After you come up with a great idea, you have to polish details when it comes to its functionality, usability, design or how it connects with your target group. Those are important aspects you should always contemplate in order to create an excellent  product. However, as demand continues growing these days you may also think about promoting it, so you can increase your app popularity and obtain more benefits from it. Image credits: You might end up building a fantastic high quality product but that does...

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Business Models for Applications

When you design a strategy looking for the best possible revenues you can get from your app, you are being challenged to develop a good business model, to detect certain aspects from it such as your customer value proposition, or even analyzing how much and why users are willing to pay for your product, as they compare hundreds of options in the market. This is an essential part when you build a marketing strategy for your app, allowing you to determinate the costs of your work developing the app and, consequently,  the return on investment. Image credits: Choosing...

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Why you should become a professional Android Developer?

  In an increasingly globalized world, mobile apps have changed the way we conduct business, socialize and entertain. This worldwide connectivity has enabled developers to be key actors in the way the economy is being shaped, by giving them the tools to create innovative ideas and distribute them to the app market. This is one of the main reasons why being an Android Developer is both satisfying and necessary. Technology is a fast-growing sector of the US economy and companies are looking for new ideas to improve user experience and stand out from the competition. Learning about programming and software...

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