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Boost your career as a Professional Android Developer

We’ve covered the importance of becoming a professional Android Developer as it is a highly demanded profession that will continue to grow even more in 2017 and the years to come. However, as employment opportunities increase, so does the competition, and well prepared developers are required to actively participate in the app development industry. Whether you are a beginner or expert in app development, you should know that Android OS has its own characteristics that set them apart from others. For example, it is by far the most used operating system on the market. But, a special consideration among...

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What’s up with all these Android versions?

Google has a curious tradition of naming operating system updates after desserts, and all of them are ordered alphabetically. This has been an internal agreement they have maintained as a mystery. Besides, after every major version release, they place a huge statue of the dessert that matches the code name on the company’s front yard. They started this naming trend in 2009 with Android 1.5, which they called Cupcake. Previous versions do not appear to have a public code name, however nicknames like Apple Pie or Banana Bread have been brought to light. So, you might be wondering: What’s...

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Learn the best practices for Android App development from Noe Branagan: Android Expert, Consultant, and Instructor

Developing an app for the first time is a complicated process. Some of the main subjects you need to take into consideration include the methodology, the technology, the design, the performance, the security, and the analytics. It’s very easy to see what all these topics have in common: they focus on the users. They have to be. After all, how are you going to be successful as a mobile developer without them?   This may seem obvious, but unfortunately it is something that developers don’t always have in mind. We gathered some of the best tips you need to...

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How to improve yourself in 2017

Thinking about writing your list of goals for 2017? Certainly, it is a common activity to set some goals when a new year begins, and with many days ahead anything seems possible. One of the constant goals in our list is to learn something new, this not only allows you to improve yourself as a person but also can help you grow in your professional field. Whether you are looking for a promotion or working on a completely different industry, the new skills you gain will help you build a better profile or can even lead you to find...

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Super Mario Run strikes back

Super Mario Run, available since December 15th, has been one of the most anticipated apps in the market this year. The iconic Nintendo title has been adapted to smartphones with great expectation due to its history as one of the most popular platform games of all time. The game even included the participation of its creator, Shigeru Miyamoto for the first time since 2007, as well as some of the original developers from “Super Mario Bros”. Also, it has had an effective advertising campaign. It is clearly a notable effort by the company to make its appearence in the applications market. The connection of the audience with a game of this magnitude is undeniable: according to different analytic companies, “Super Mario Run” saw nearly 5 million downloads in its first day. Those are great numbers compared for instance, with the 900,000 “Pokémon Go” achieved when it was first launched. And so far, Mario has had over 50 million downloads worldwide. However, there are two drawbacks that could affect Nintendo’s revenues: the considerably high cost compared to other apps in the market and the necessity of an internet connection to play it.   Gameplay The controls of the game are restricted by a single button since Mario will run automatically and you have to tap the screen to make him jump, which makes the interface of the game agile and...

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