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Great puzzle games for Android devices

Games continue being the most developed type of application for mobile devices. Developers seek to create all kind of amazing games and users are always looking for new options to be entertained. This time we’d like to share some great puzzle games for Android devices. It is undeniable the value of games in the mobile world. They represent most of the incomes generated from major digital distribution platforms. It is estimated that mobile gaming will be a 100-Billion-Dollar market in 2021. Developers looking for inspiration to create a puzzle game for mobile devices could find it in what others...

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Features that make a better experience for Android users

They say it’s all in the little details, no matter how small they might seem, just a little change can really make the difference. In the case of mobile devices, there are features that make a better experience for Android users. With the new gesture navigation system introduced in Android P, the ways we interact with our Android phones are more than likely to change from now on, as Google had been using the three-button navigation bar for years.   Google understood they needed a change to do things less complicated. Making devices and apps more comfortable to use,...

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How Artificial Intelligence is being used to create music

We’ve talked about how technology improves areas like medicine and education. However, something as abstract as arts can also benefit from it, Artificial Intelligence is being used to create music. We might be more used to see it on services like Pandora or Spotify, where Machine Learning and Deep Learning are employed to recommend you content based on your musical tastes and activities you have in common with other users. Other platforms offer creative tools for musicians who want to improve their work, like LANDR, that uses machine learning to analyze mix quality, production style and genre of a...

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Are you ready for the Google I/O 2018?

We are approaching the time of the year in which Google is polishing the final details of its most important event, anticipated for all technology lovers and Android developers especially. Google I/O 2018 will take place from May 8th to 10th, at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California, as it has been in the last years. All type of new trends and features involving the entire Google ecosystem, including the newest version of Android, are expected to be announced in this major event as it was the case of Google I/O 2017. According to the preview agenda, attendants...

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Personal Branding for App Developers

Personal branding is a concept that comes from marketing, it refers to a kind of strategy some professionals use to promote themselves, using different channels like blogs, social networks or speaking at conferences. We all are used to advertising campaigns and it’s a fact that some of them become abrupt. But, we can’t deny that, when advertising is so good, it truly catches our attention and make us glad to buy the product or service that is being promoted. Building a reputation and sharing knowledge When your professional networks think about an Android app developer, Do they think of...

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