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Get your Android app discovered on Google Play

Google Play is the biggest online app store there is on the market. By march 2017 it had more than 3.3 million apps, available to almost all Android users. As an Android Developer it may seem difficult to make your project stand out above others, especially if they have similar functions and objectives as your app. For indie developers, getting a reasonable number of downloads to make apps profitable it’s even more difficult. In order to get discovered on Google Play you must optimize your app to make it on an organic way by normal SEO practices and optimization,...

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Alternative messaging Apps you should know about

For some years now, the use of traditional SMS text message is less. Nowadays,  different apps offer free text messaging. Besides this, there are also other options like recording voice, video or sharing files among users. Today, the most known and used messaging app is WhatsApp, acquired by Facebook some years ago. You may have heard about the main incertitude about these kind of apps in terms of privacy and data sharing, so a secure personal messaging app  is always an important characteristic to consider. As you remember, creating a basic chat application was part of our Professional Android...

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Business apps for Android

Business apps can help companies to improve. This enhancement is based on providing the right tools to run their business way easier today than in the past, thanks  to mobile devices. Companies need tools that allow their members to make daily routine a better experience by providing tools to organize their schedule or taking control of tasks and other activities that optimize their jobs. Developers have, in their hands, the possibility of giving multiple choices of business apps to workers and companies who are looking to optimize workdays. We present you some of the best business apps you’ll find...

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Get In shape with these 6 fitness apps

People want to be healthy. So, have you ever thought of developing a fitness app? After all, app users are healthy people too! Why develop a fitness app? Mobile apps are ideal assistants for training, fitness, and weight-loss; in a way, they become a “personal trainer”, and there’s no better motivation to be healthy than keep track of your fitness progress:    Strava: Strava is a tracking app that monitors your running or cycling via GPS. The UI is clean and friendly. With this app, users can track their running speed, distance traveled, time spent, among other relevant information. Strava...

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It’s possible to building apps in a remote way?

Companies dedicated to create web based projects have the advantage, above other markets, of using services or building apps in a remote way. Remote teams really work. Wikipedia was created with users collaboration and it’s one of the most successful projects on the web; it is also a good example of how technology gives us tools to create something incredible, no matter the distance. Google embraced the idea of collaboration by launching Android as Open Source and creating The Android Open Source Project (AOSP). The company guides developers to work in their platform, without overly restricting their creative process...

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