We want to continue providing you the best materials available to achieve your dream to become a professional android developer. In a prior post about Android Programming books we discussed the importance of this kind of resources as they act like guides that many professionals have used over the years to hold a better understanding of Android app development.

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Enrolling in an online course is the most common way to learn about any subject today, especially useful to gain software development skills. However, books might be a good choice for some people as well, as they are good tools to get introduced to or complete a learning process.

For that reason, we´d like you to know about some other books you could use to learn mobile app development in 2017:

Advanced Android Application Development

This book aims to teach you techniques and best practices in all the development process and show you how to go beyond traditional app boundaries with optional features like Google Analytics, Android Wear APIs or Android NDK. It also provides quizzes and exercises in all its chapters.

For beginners, there is another book from this series entitled Introduction to Android Application Development that covers Android essentials such as development environment, designing user interfaces, developing for multiple devices and optimization aspects.

Android 6 for programmers: An App-Driven approach

This guide uses Android 6 to teach you app development. Each new technology is discussed in the context of 8 fully coded and tested apps, perfect to add them to your powerful portfolio including a weather viewer, a flag quiz or an Address book.

Its App-driven approach will help you to create those apps from scratch. They also cover Android Studio, Material design, libraries and Google Play Store, among other topics.    

Sams Teach Yourself Android Application Development in 24 Hours

This book aims to teach about Android App development in 24 lessons of one hour or less, hence its name. The fourth edition of this book covers Android Studio, Material Design and Android Essential such as activities, intents, resources or background processing.

Its particular sections will help you to review each lesson, get additional information and tips or prevent common mistakes when designing, developing and publishing Android apps.

Android Studio Cookbook

We’ve talked about Essential Android Development tools and about Android Studio as its official Integrated Development Environment (IDE). This book is for developers with prior experience that want to know more about Android Studio to design, debug and test their apps.

It covers Genymotion, Material Design, Memory management, cloud-based backend, and apps that works on any Android device, including wearables and smart TVs.

Learn Android Studio: Build Android Apps Quickly and Effectively

Another great book that will introduce you to Android Studio, although some programming experience is required. As well as the previous resource, “Learn Android Studio” teaches you about Android tools ecosystem and how it is easier and more productive to use it than Eclipse IDE.

This book covers the functions of Git web-hosting services and Gradle testing tool.

Wrapping up

We present these books as complementary options to your education as they might come handy when it comes to learn Android mobile app development. Don’t forget that the Micro Master: Professional Android Developer course is a complete guide for beginners and advanced developers, however, due to the way of learning of some professionals, they have found these resources very useful.