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The advantages of releasing free Android Apps

Free Android Apps represent, for users, the freedom of trying new products, enable them to choose if they are worth to recommend, to use or even pay for them. According to John Manoogian, co-founder of an advertising solutions provider, Android users resist paying, but companies are more interested in paying for in-app advertising. Users don’t mind to watch some commercials as long as the app functions remain free, and companies are taking advantage of that. Although there is a 20% of people willing to paying for a pro or premium version, Manoogian affirms that “the future of app monetization...

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Tips for self-taught students

You must never underestimate online education, self-taught students know it. In this kind of education, students become responsible for their own learning process. People who have become self-taught learners, adopting this learning process, have developed certain skills: Curiosity, patience and a feeling of connectedness. Throughout the process of virtual learning, they also tend to practice how to correctly research for solving problems, making sure they understand the subjects, maintaining their assignments schedule and improving their network. Online students must be self-taught Miguel Morales, Director of the Android MicroMasters Program, mentioned that online education “encourages you to be a self-taught...

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Top Apps for athletes

Today it is more common to see people using apps for leading a healthy lifestyle.  Athletes have found in mobile technology the perfect ally to improve their exercise routines, as they have better control of their effort while working out. We’ve seen before that users who are looking for a healthier life can take advantage of several apps in their Android devices, especially smartphones and wearables, which adapt their functions to show you features focused on your fitness habits. As an Android developer, you should take note of all kind of apps that are available on Google Play focused...

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Why User Experience is important in App development?

A great design will always catch the attention of users, however, we also need to think about the type of experience we are giving them, if we want to keep them interested in a long term and get excellent reviews from our product. According to the Nielsen Norman Group, User Experience “encompasses all aspects of the end-user’s interaction with the company, its services and its products”. In order to provide a good User Experience (UX) you must identify the specific needs of the customers and go further, by making them feel truly satisfied in any discipline that is part...

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Understanding Smartphones Specs

Every year, manufacturers launch new models of smartphones with amazing specs as technology continues to evolve. People that are familiarized with the mobile world understand almost everything about the new features and specs that companies make public year by year in a congress or tech expositions. However, in a world where millions of users are pending of new trends on smartphones and tablets, it’s necessary to make it easier to understand the meaning of their most important features and specs, specially of those that make the main differences between mobile devices. Processor The processor is the core component of...

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