Today it is more common to see people using apps for leading a healthy lifestyle.  Athletes have found in mobile technology the perfect ally to improve their exercise routines, as they have better control of their effort while working out.

We’ve seen before that users who are looking for a healthier life can take advantage of several apps in their Android devices, especially smartphones and wearables, which adapt their functions to show you features focused on your fitness habits.

As an Android developer, you should take note of all kind of apps that are available on Google Play focused on the athletes´ needs. Inside Play Store you can look for projects made for both beginners and professional athletes. We made a selection of the most interesting and better-rated apps in this matter:


Runtastic is an app you can use to register all your sport activities through GPS. Think about it as a personal trainer that helps you keep motivated and tells you about your performance.

Runtastic have launched other apps for specific sports too, like Bike Cycling, Mountain Bike, Push-Ups Counter or Six Pack Abs Workout. Most of them are free (with ads and in-app purchases) however, they also offer some pro versions to get special routines.

This app is known as a leader of fitness apps, the main reason might be all the options it provides to users, who are able to adapt their routines in order to get  expected results using the its guidance.

Nike Run Club

This is an app specially made for runners. It has everything to give users the right assistance and also all the data they need to collect from their workout routine.

Nike Run Club takes advantage of the popular brand they have created in order to attract people. They own a large community of users who interact between each other. So, the social features this app provides are really something to take a look at.

Nike Run Club made important partnerships with music apps like Spotify and Apple Music to allow runners to listen to their favorite music songs while running. That’s probably one of the main differences between this project and others.

Couch to 5k

Are you one of those people who have no idea how to start training to make a running race? Couch to 5k is the app you need to begin your preparation, then.

This app takes you into several routines that will prepare you in case you haven’t practiced for long time (or never) and help you run a 5k race in only 2 months.

You’ll be able to measure your strength and speed to get more resistance and learn to manage your body so you can take on 5k races. Who knows? After a while you might end up going for further distances!


JEFIT functions as a workout tracker and personal trainer for gym goers and even bodybuilders. The app register all of your progress and keeps you motivated when you need it most.

You can use JEFIT as your own personalized routine planner and get access to a exercise library as well. However, there are featured routines specially made to achieve your workout goals.

Google Fit

Google Fit is, perhaps, the most complete exercise platform out there. That’s thanks to all the tools it offers to Android users and the compatibility it has with all Android devices, including wearables like bands and smartwatches.

As the other listed apps, with Google Fit you can store and manage your exercise routine data in order to accomplish your objectives.

Google Fit also allows you to connect with your other favorite fitness apps and devices, useful to “get a comprehensive view of your health”, as they point themselves.

So, these are some of the most rated apps in Google Play in the Fitness & Health category. Remember to give them a try so you can be inspired by the amazing features that other apps offer to their users.