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How to implement Design Thinking in your App development process?

Design Thinking is a methodology to solve problems, its special feature is to build innovative solutions focused on end users. Implementing Design Thinking forces your work team to think like your potential users and helps you finding solutions beyond the initial hypothesis through research. How Design Thinking works? Design Thinking is developed in three phases: Understand, Explore and Materialize. At the same time they are divided into six key elements: Empathize, Define, Ideate, Prototype, Test and Implement. The process is cyclic, meaning that regardless the stage you are in, you can go back to step one and identify improvements...

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How can Android developers stand out?

Depending on what part of the world you are in, it could be different to stand out as an Android developer. People from countries with bigger population may struggle with different situations than people from smaller countries, where standing out is relatively less difficult. But, this could also mean you may have to start things like Android Communities in your own country in order to make yourself a name. That being said, the most important thing to remind is that you must be able to detect your own abilities. When interviewing some of the instructors of the Professional Android...

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Soft skills every entrepreneur developer should have (and how to practice them)

An entrepreneur developer is someone willing to launch a new business, knowing that if something goes wrong a considerable amount of money could be lost. If you are already a Professional Android Developer and you have an application ready to hit the market on Google Play, you may want to consider improving some skills in order to increase revenues or get better opportunities. If that´s your case, you have done a good job by becoming an expert on a technical area, however when you starting selling, you have to consider things like how your customers buy and how they...

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What is Android Studio and Android SDK tools?

Android Software Development Kit (SDK) is a toolset that enables developers to create apps for Android OS. It includes the required libraries to build Android apps, a debugger, an emulator, Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) and sample projects with source code, so you can have everything you need to start making your own apps. Important command-line tools for Android app development are grouped into three packages: the already mentioned SDK tools, Platform tools and the Android Emulator. Let’s talk about the main features of each one of them. Android SDK tools SDK tools are platform-independent and are required to create...

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How Learning Android Programming changes your career

There is an old saying attributed to the writer, José Martí, about three things people are supposed to do in their life. It goes somehow like this: “Every person should plant a tree, write a book and have a child”. If the author of this phrase lived today, he would most likely add “and build an app” to this quote. If you are reading this right now, chances are you agree (not overreacting here). For some people the emotion of contributing to a recognized worldwide community by building something productive and entertaining at the same time is both satisfactory...

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