Have you ever wondered how to develop games for mobile devices? Surely you have seen the success of applications like Angry Birds, Candy Crush or Cut the Rope; all of them highly acclaimed by a large number of users of all ages and from all over the world.

Even though the mobile app market becomes more competitive, there are still huge chances of success as a game app developer, 62% of smartphones owners install games within a week of getting their phones, making it the most downloaded application type.

how to develop games

Adventure, Action and Puzzle games seem to be a safe bet, while strategy and role playing games get more revenues. The study also shows that about a third of U.S. mobile gamers spend an average of 9 hours a week playing games on their smartphones.

In this context, Statista, carried out research about the number of mobile phone gamers in the U.S. from 2011 to 2020, and the projection for that last year is approximately 213 million people. This data is acts as evidence of people’s need for new entertainment options in the mobile market and as a big opportunity for developers to satisfy the demand.

Earn people’s hearts… and money

If you want to improve your chances to create a great game app, first you should consider making market research about the apps that have already achieved it. After all, you want to understand the way successful creators have earned people’s hearts, and money.

You can search for reviews about a well-known game app and read what people have to say about it, what they like and what they don´t like. Consider Gameplay, simplicity and a good story, and you may got a winner. A game app should be entertaining, intuitive, engaging and addictive because basically that’s what gaming is all about.

Of course, conquering the app market is not an easy task. You don’t necessary have to come up with a big transforming game app idea. Obviously if you do so, it would be great for the industry and for you, but you can always get inspired from successfully proven apps and introduce a feature that distinguishes your product or makes it even better than the original.

Give users a great experience

In the mobile environment, games that have reached trend category are easy to use, remember that “simpler is better” and users usually don’t search for tutorials or strategy guides to learn how to play, especially for the comforting feeling of having achieved a challenge on your own.

That is why User Experience and Usability are essential for a game app, or for any app actually. Besides, there are other aspects that could help you make an amazing app for gamers, such as Social Media Integration or graphics quality for example.

Platforms like Android have democratized app development and the launching of applications to a global market, that allows people to develop games in order to become professionals with business opportunities, sharing and living their passion of creating games.