After gaining the required technical skills to dominate the Android development process, some developers may wonder how to make it into the market with real chances of success by creating the next Big App, just as Instagram, WhatsApp or Snapchat did.

Even though it is true the app market has changed since these popular apps were launched, Android still provides developers the opportunity to reach millions of people around the world and innovate the mobile market. However, knowing if you own a great idea for an app is the very first step to take into this journey.

Android developers' app idea

But, how can  you tell if the Android developers’ app idea is a good one or if it just isn’t good enough?

As it has always been, the answer to that question is given by the market. To begin with, we´ll know it is a good idea if we have a market for it. If that’s the case, then you must validate your idea.   

Some people are so much into their idea that it’s difficult for them to pass for that validation process. Moreover, they also fail to notice some of the huge questions that must be answered as well, such as: Does it offer value to the market? Is there something similar already in the market? or How big is your target group?   

Android developers’ app idea vs Implementation

It’s not about whether an app idea is good or bad, but if an idea does have a place in the market or not. In order to know if an app idea has a place then you must execute it, you must take action.

Instructor Adrián Catalán told us once that an idea is worthless, what is worth is the execution. If you have a good idea and a good implementation, then you are more likely to have a good outcome.   

On the other hand, if you have a good idea but a bad implementation, such as not making the right choices, not taking the validation process or assuming certain things because of a poor research, then you are more likely to have a bad result.  

Take Airbnb for example, How many times we didn’t make use of this sharing economy concept before the app was even launched? The great thing about Airbnb is how they are executing their idea, therefore their success.

The required validation for your app  

The one thing you need to understand is that Android developers’ app idea is just a tiny part of the process, it contributes just a little into the whole equation. Executing and validating our idea is more important because that way we’ll know if it can be successful or not.

The application is not the idea itself. App developers sure use an app as part of solving a problem but coming up with something that fixes certain situation is the real deal. So, what matters is to know what it is that I am trying to solve and work toward that goal. It is important to always keep that in mind.   

Lastly, the validation process could go from making a prototype of your app and get some feedback from a couple of target users, all the way through getting the founding you need from an investor and start promoting your app.  

Remember that one of the tips and tricks for starting developers is to think big, however you also must keep your feet on the ground when thinking about the feasibility of what you want to achieve.