Online courses became the main alternative to traditional education to get an specialization. Online education is based on students interests, mainly considering their time and learning pace.

online courses

Making the decision to take an online course allows professionals to boost their careers and improve their job opportunities, having a degree is not enough anymore.

How this learning process contribute to my professional profile?

There are so many ways to get the most out of online education, being a self taught person and being aware of trends can help you to outstand on your work area.

The Google Developer Expert and educator, Adrián Catalán, had his degree as Systems Engineer, however, with the emergence of technologies like Android OS, he started to learn about mobile app development and specialized on this field.

He learned by himself, he practiced by creating his own projects and teaching others the features of this technology. Being at the forefront of this allowed him to get nominated to become a GDE.

He says that “being part of a Google program is very prestigious, it has helped me finding job opportunities and getting in touch with more people.” Currently, he is an instructor of the Professional Android Developer MicroMaster.

Show your interests and leverage online resources

Online education can increase your opportunities of being hired or find new projects to get you involved, you only have to leverage the resources that this kind of education offers:

Add your achieved online course to your resume: Accomplishing an online course or program shows that you are a proactive person. The technological professional profiles are known by their constant updating; putting on your resume your learning interest will set you apart from other candidates. Besides, it adds an impressive set of skills to your professional profile.

Create a digital portfolio: Some online courses have a capstone project, which helps you practice what you have learned previously, this could be a useful resource to start building your digital portfolio and have samples of what you can do. In addition, you can build a blog or publish on your social networks about your learning process.

Take advantage of online resources: Online courses use communication channels, you have to use them to generate networking. The discussion forums are mainly used to solve students doubts and generate constant communication between all of them. That´s why you must have an active profile on forums; asking for feedback to your classmates is an excellent way to show your ideas, solving doubts can position you as a referent in the matter.

Online courses use Facebook groups to get in touch with their students and to enhance the learning process with external resources. As Instructor Isabel Palomar pointed out “communities are places where you can learn from people but also teach to people”, so it is import to maintain an active conversation with your classmates. If the course doesn’t have an online group, you can always propose one.

Get a certification: Many online education programs are lead by Universities, academic institutions or projects like Google, which offer a certification after you complete your course successfully. This is a low-cost investment compared to attending  a classroom to take a course. Remember you can add this achievement to your resume as well.


Professionals in technological areas must be aware of the trends and get an education according to this matter in order to increase their work opportunities. Due to some of their characteristics mentioned above, online courses are excellent resources to accomplish this.

Tell us, What other resources you use to increase your job opportunities?