Project Management apps have become indispensable for users who need to organize their daily assignments on their workday or their own routine.

These kind of apps provide the right tools for people who have the idea of optimize their time, order activities and take control of what they’re doing, by their own or with other partners.

Currently, there are many project manager’s apps on the Play Store, some offer similar features and some others have interesting extras functions that create a better experience.

We made a list of the best project management apps available on Google Play. One of the main characteristics of these type of apps is that they all have a good interaction with their web version, which is usually more complete than the mobile version.

We recommend you to download and try each one of them, so you can make your own list of pros and cons. This is a necessary exercise when you try to figure out the added value of an app.


Trello is one of the most known project managers. Big companies and individuals make use of these app that allows you to organize your assignments according to subjects lists and status.

You can add labels, checklists, comments and make your own events to have more control of your workday and the workday of your team. People can comment and notify about the advances they are having.

You can use a Menu that helps you track all comments and mentions in other assignments made by your team members. The free version allows you to have access to projects and unlimited users, while the pro version gives you more extras, backgrounds and the possibility to attach bigger files to your assignments and programmed tasks.

Kanban Tool

The Kanban format was invented 60 years ago by Toyota for taking control and manage their organization in an orderly form. You’ll find  a variety of apps that offer this format, however, we think that the best one is Kanban Tool.

With Kanban Tool, you’ll be able to do the same things that you do in Trello but with a more organized format.  You’ll be able to make assignments inside your general project, unify them with Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive or Box.

Kanban can give you times reports according to your projects, work assigned and  team members. This tool provides a complete study of productivity, development time and effectivity of every member of your team.


Asana is, along with Trello, another popular app that big companies and workgroups use when they need to find the perfect balance between job management and teamwork.

This app has a functional board where you can optimize the process of making the assignments and taking control of the process.

Asana has features similar to the previous apps, however, this app has more social options like share buttons which give you the chance to make your projects interactive with multimedia channels.

With this app you can also update your job status even if you’re offline, which can be really useful once in a while.


WorkflowMax this is not only oriented to corporate companies and work offices, every kind of industry can use this app as it offers a complete project management.

WorkflowMax includes schedules and time control, tasks or job accomplishments in real time, control project billings and more tools that allow users to have a complete administration of any kind of project.

As you can see, every app has an added value that makes it interesting and useful. You can try each one in order to understand what makes them great and to find values you can possible incorporate to your own apps.

If you do this, you’ll have better chances of being chosen over other apps of the same kind.