As a mobile device user, you surely have been in a situation where you have to free some storage of your Android device in order to install new apps or add new files, then you considers as the first easy solution to abandon apps that are “a little needed” but, is this the only reason?.

You’ll be more likely to start deleting the apps you don’t use anymore or those that are unnecessary for you. Studies says nearly 1 in 4 people abandon apps after only one use. This illustrates the user engagement trouble that mobile apps have sometimes.

In our research, trying to find out about the reasons why people abandon apps so easily and so often, we present you the most recurrent situations needed to be solved by Android Developers.

In-app Ads

According to Bdaily, there are several reasons why users abandon mobile apps on an easy way. One of them is the In-app Ads inclusion to monetize the project.  

The big reason of why people uninstall an app with ads is when they suddenly appear and interrupt its natural functioning.

Certainly, this is quite a challenge for a operating system that gets most of its revenues from this method, however, it is important for you to know what users thinks about it.

The first impression

Your app’s first impression has to be elementally good for the user. That first look must be attractive and it must invite them to dive into all the app’s great features.

That’s why, as we have mentioned before, the design and simplicity of your app, has to help it to be looked as one attractive and functional app which deserves to be on the user’s menu.

Is your app helpful?

Your app could not have as a main objective to solve a problem all by itself, however, it has to help on a certain way to do so, by providing tools or benefits to the user.

When we say “helpful”, we’re not talking only about helping users to solve problems, we also refer to being a simple and efficient app that provides everything easily in order to be a good choice to use.

Increase your retention rate

We think that making a great first impression is important, but it matters the most to satisfy the users every time they get into the app.

If the users get satisfied with the development, presentation and design of your app, we mean, if they get amazed with your project, you’ll get good reviews, more downloads and, therefore, the opportunity of having a better app retention.

Having a good app retention is something difficult to get but not impossible. Last year, this percentage was at 38%, so try to always impress your users.

Remember your app to users

Although we have already discussed that users have a problem with constant notifications, it is recommended to use them from time to time, to remind them about your app.

It’s normal for people to lose tracking of your app because of the many options out there. So, an useful reminder is always a good thing.

People hate crashing apps

This may sound pretty obvious, but having a crashing app means trouble for you and for your goal of avoiding users’ abandon apps.  

You have to test your app often and verify that it does not have any bugs that make it crash. Remember that there new are tools that can help you improving your app performance and stability.


As you realize now, getting a good app retention rate is complicated. However, if you focused on solving these problems, you might get a higher rate. By following these advices, you could increase your chances of launching successful apps on Google Play.

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