A couple of years ago, Google announced one project focused on the needs that users may have at work so they created Android for work.

Android for Work was released as a project with the idea of helping users by providing new tools for their daily work activities.

This app isolates and encrypts data from the rest of your Android device.

All efforts are focused on the improvement of normal security. Google made an enforcement on their security system SELinux, to encrypt the data located in the app.

The interface of Android for Work allows you to separate your personal apps from the ones you use at work, in order to organize your mobile devices by providing you an easier and smarter way to work.

How to get Android for Work

If you want to use Android for Work, you have to ask your company to make a G Suite account. Then you have to download Google Apps Device Policy on the Play Store and enable the permissions to start using it.

You can always share the link to your IT manager if you think this service could be helpful for your job.

Your company can develop their own apps and locate them in the local servers. Those apps, for security reasons, will not be publically available on Play Store, but you’ll be able to use them while being connected to your company’s network.

Android for work allows companies to create job profiles and provides some productivity tools such as email, contact, calendar, docs or slides.

Another cool feature from this separation of apps is that it lets you turn off work notifications on weekends, at night or in your free time.

As a developer you have a chance of explore this interface or create projects by understanding the added value these kind of services have to offer.