As we´ve seen before, books are one of the most useful resources to learn something new. It is also true that, given their format, online courses or video tutorials are more popular, however, you can always use a good book to either acquire or complement your knowledge and skills.

Last year, we reviewed some of the best books to learn Android programming and mobile app development, and we would like to Keep up with our recommendations of books that can help you become a better Android developer.

Mastering Android Development with Kotlin

This book was created by Miloš Vasić, author of the book Fundamental Kotlin. As it is shown on the book cover, the book aims at teaching you how to create robust applications using Kotlin, from the basics to deployment.

It is an illustrative guide that will teach how to take advantage of Kotlin in order to make your development process easier, by using practical examples.

Some of its covered topics include Starting with Android, Working with permissions and Databases, Android services, Concurrency in Android, Tuning up for high performance and Migration from Java to Kotlin, to name a few.

Android System Programming

Android System Programming teaches you to integrate, customize and extend popular open source projects in order to gain the debugging skills needed for Android development.

This book is intended to teach about the Android system by building your own Android system on VirtualBox. It also explores the use of other open source projects like LineageOS (CyanogenMod), Android-x86, Xposed, and GApps. If you wish to have a more in-depth learning about Android architecture this book is for you.

Android Studio 3.0 Development Essentials – Kotlin Edition

We already made a list of great books to learn about Kotlin as a programming language, however, this one is focused on teaching you about app development, using Android Studio IDE, Android 8 SDK and Kotlin.

This book takes you through 45 sample projects to discuss a variety of subjects such as data types, flow control, functions, lambdas, object-oriented programming, database management, content providers, and intents. Many Material Design and Google Play topics are also treated in this book.

Android Studio 3.0 Development Essentials – Android 8 Edition

Just like the previous one, this is another recent edition of the Android Studio Development Essentials series by Neil Smyth, but focused on Java programming language.

Other topics covered in both versions include an overview of the newest version of Android Studio (Tool Windows, Code Editor, and Layout Editor tools), App links, Instant Apps, Android Studio Profiler and Gradle.

You might find useful to get the two versions and compare the main differences between using both languages.

Wrapping up

With all the resources available today, starting to learn Android development is easier than never before. These books are great tools if you seek updated resources in a book format since it might be easier for you to learn this way.

Do you know about other great books Android developers should read in 2018? What do you think of the ones mentioned above? Let us know in the comments!