Google Play is the biggest online app store there is on the market. By march 2017 it had more than 3.3 million apps, available to almost all Android users.

As an Android Developer it may seem difficult to make your project stand out above others, especially if they have similar functions and objectives as your app. For indie developers, getting a reasonable number of downloads to make apps profitable it’s even more difficult.

In order to get discovered on Google Play you must optimize your app to make it on an organic way by normal SEO practices and optimization, but also on paid methods (SEM) on Google Ads platform.

The next list of good practices will help you to optimize your app and make it able to have more chances of appearing on the top choices of its category.

SEO Practices

Making use of the main and common practices of SEO will help improve your app and you’ll get more chances of being on better search positions.

You have to make a good store listing to get more impulse the time your app is shown to the world. First, you have to start with a good name, easy to associate to your app objectives and no difficult to write or pronounce. Try to avoid big names or titles on your app name.

You also have to add essential things like Icons, app screenshots, reviews, a trailer video, descriptions, and fill all the fields when you upload your project to Google Play.

Get a broad Audience

If you’re going to target your audience by an ads platform, make sure yours is big enough to get many users as possible. Use Google’s suggestions about their Developer Console to get to people you don’t have listed yet.

Store Listing

Store listing is very important if you want to get discovered on Google Play Search. The next tips, made by Google, will help your app’s store listing optimized and functional to attract users:

Title: Make an unique title with keywords that give users an idea of what is your app about. Try not to use long titles, it will be counterproductive.  Make sure your app title and description don’t have misspellings.

Description: Try to do your best to specify what users will get from your app. Your app text description should be different to other descriptions, so try to review it on Google Play Platform. Describe your app with short texts and useful graphics that show users all the potential your app has.

Giving the necessary information to users and avoiding large descriptions will get the attention of people who are looking for apps like yours and aren’t interested about sophisticated explanations.

Play Store Search Optimization

As the normal SEO practices on Google Search, Play Store has its own tips list to consider if you want to increase your chances of appearing on top results, when users are looking for apps with same features as yours.

Remember that Google Play ranks apps based on people’s responses to them. Apps with good reviews, downloads and feedbacks have better ranking than apps that don’t.

To improve your app, according to Play Store rules of optimization, you must do the next actions:

  • Keep your project updated, take into account users suggestions about reviews and new features to add.
  • Test your app often in order to improve it and reduce chances of a bad performance.
  • Give users the correct information about your app goals and objectives.
  • Talk about your app on a blog or social media accounts.

You can make use of these advices to optimize your project on Google Play and get successful results from it. If you want to become a Professional Android Developer don’t forget to get enrolled in the MicroMasters program.