Procrastinating our tasks might be one of the biggest problems we have today. With all the type of things we can get access to right from our smartphones, it could be very easy to get distracted.

Of course, we all need some time dedicated to leisure almost exclusively, the problem is when we let this to consume us more than it should.

Just like many apps helps us to be entertained, there are others we can use to be more productive and become more effective in our daily activities.

With that in mind, we would like to talk about some productivity Android apps, which can help you to stay focused when you need to and keep you away from procrastinating your daily activities.


Working with a device full of distractions near you is not an easy task. Even when you are not getting notifications you may grab it almost automatically to check your social media accounts. Offtime is an app made for those who can’t control themselves and need an external help to get focused.

This app allows you to block the device connectivity and the access to particular apps, restricting calls and messages from specific contacts and send them automatic responses if necessary.

Besides, the app controls your actions and sends you stats of your behavior and habits while using your smartphone.

Speed Reading

Part of getting things done without unnecessary delays is to improve your skills to make them faster. If you always wanted to increase your reading speed this app is definitely for you.

Speed Reading is an app that offers a group of exercises to train your reading skills in terms of memory, concentration and field of view. It also provides useful tips like Rules of success and Motivators. Its Pass the course program can help you significantly if you decide to study for one hour 2 times a day, just as they suggest.


To measure our productivity we need to have a reference point, a goal to accomplish, otherwise, we can spend our daily routine busy but without making any progress. HabitBull is an app that works based on your objectives and the time you are willing to dedicate in order achieve them.

Based on the information you provide, this app sends you reminders, gives you motivational quotes and shows you behavior patterns of both, good and bad habits.

The idea is that you compete with yourself, being able to review how much you need to improve or how much you have improved. In this sense, HabitBull becomes your personal assistant.

Forest: Stay focused

Forest is a simple and beautifully designed app that helps you battle unproductive mobile behavior by letting you seed virtual trees on your phone.

The trees will grow within a set time as you put down your device in order to work or study. A simple way to keep you out from playing some game or entering to Facebook and get you focused. Get out from the app before time and your trees will whiter, stay focused and you´ll end up having a lusher forest.

Forest aims at developing a sense of responsibility in us so we may achieve our goals, and for some people, this could be very effective.


There are people who manage to get focused by listening to music, it relaxes them. Tide works based on the Pomodoro Technique, it plays meditation music for 25 minutes, and when it´s over you can take a break of 5 minutes.

Usually, when you are listening to music, song lyrics may distract you, Tide seems a good choice for you to avoid that, by playing only nature sounds and classical music. It also helps you to sleep and gives you daily inspirational quotes to start a great day!

There are plenty apps that can help you become more effective, making the most out of your precious time. They surely have something different to offer to all Android users, while enhancing our productivity.

Now tell us, which one of these would you like to download to become more productive?