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How does `Google Play Protect´ keep your Android device and data secure?

Fighting against malware is something that has worried Google for a long time. Years ago they launched Google Verify Apps as their official antivirus for Android users.  Now they developed Google Play Protect to keep the Android devices secure. We’ve seen how Android being an Open Source Project generates lots of benefits for manufacturers, carriers, developers and users, however some side effects could also appear, like bad intentions from a few malicious apps.  Among many of the great announcements they did at Google I/O this year, there is Google Play Protect -an extension of Verify Apps- that will keep...

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How to pick the best idea to create an Android app

An important part of becoming a great Android developer is to update your tech knowledge. Today, It is easier than ever to take part of an online course to learn about app development. As you get prepared you enhance your chances to create an Android app.      However, just as important as gaining technical skills in programming is being able to define a good app idea to create an Android app. This, in the case you want to be an Android Developer entrepreneur. As we mentioned on a prior post about how to tell if your app idea is...

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Why you should choose to develop Android Apps as a career

Everyday day technology advances we become a little more dependent of the facilities it provides, which make our daily routine easier. Software and app development are the main engines that make work most of the technology we use nowadays. The noticeable growth of digital technology also shows that the big tech incorporations are focused on app development. This situation has made app development to take a main role in recent years, due to the constant growth of mobile devices sales around the world. Have you ever thought of studying something related to software development? Do you have any ideas...

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How is Android Development changing the world?

If you are an avid reader of this blog, you´ll know the many times we’ve mentioned about the multiple benefits of becoming an Android developer nowadays. Furthermore, if you are enrolled in the Professional Android Developer course you are likely to recognize the importance of improving your profile and building a career in this matter. Do you remember that time when you didn’t have an app to do that thing you commonly do these days? Maybe taking notes, watching a movie or the news, playing a game, reading some book or chatting with people who are away? If you...

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To be or not to be an Android Developer entrepreneur

The decision of becoming an Android Developer entrepreneur is a very common dilemma for many app developers. If your are preparing yourself to become an Android developer, chances are you have thought about it at least once. We’ve heard successful stories of people making their own way into the mobile app market like Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp or Airbnb, to name a few. However, as we discussed in one article from last week, the mobile app market has suffered some changes over 10 years, and app developers might have to think about different approaches when it comes to app development.  ...

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