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How Android device compatibility help apps work properly

Since its creation with the open source project, to provide accessibility has been one of Android main features. This gives developers the opportunity to reach a huge potential audience at global scale. As we’ve seen in previous articles, Android is present on smartphones, Smart TVs, Tablets and even wearables.   But, how does Android covers this wide range of devices? To do so, certain compatibility must be implemented in order to enable some features variability and user interfaces flexibility. This can even be done by using a single application package (APK). The Android app framework allows developers to specify...

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Soft skills every entrepreneur developer should have (and how to practice them)

An entrepreneur developer is someone willing to launch a new business, knowing that if something goes wrong a considerable amount of money could be lost. If you are already a Professional Android Developer and you have an application ready to hit the market on Google Play, you may want to consider improving some skills in order to increase revenues or get better opportunities. If that´s your case, you have done a good job by becoming an expert on a technical area, however when you starting selling, you have to consider things like how your customers buy and how they...

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How much do you know about the Android Open Source Project?

The Android Open Source Project (AOSP) is part of Google’s initiative to guide the development of its mobile platform. The project refers to the people involved, the tools and procedures used to develop the software and the final source code others can used to build smart devices.   As we mentioned before, on an article about Android being an open source OS, this project was created to guarantee the presence of an open source platform in the app market. The AOSP is overseen by the Open Handset Alliance (OHA), a Google-led coalition, founded in 2007, of carriers, manufacturers and...

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Android helps people to access mobile technology

Projections indicate that 70% of world’s population will own a smartphone by 2020. Android have greatly contributed to this due to the creation of its open source operating system, which enables people to develop apps and build mobile devices. Android allowed device makers to install its OS on their devices for free without the need of paying a fee for a licence or developing a OS by their own. This has opened up opportunities for people to acquire a smart device thanks to development costs reductions that lower final products prices. Besides, It’s no secret that Google continues making...

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All you need to know about the Android logo

The Android logo is without any doubt one of the most recognized graphic symbols in the entire world. Being Android a powerful and open-source operating system, it is not surprising the growth of its popularity and the way it has become a preference for a great majority of mobile device users. Back in 2007, Google told their graphic designers to create a logo that would define its OS. Irina Blok was one of the people in charge of accomplishing this task.    Android OS was developed by Android Inc. before Google bought it in 2005, so the robot/android theme...

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