According to Google´s registers there are more than 24,000 types of Android devices made by 1,300 different brands worldwide. Since its appearance Android has contributed to the rise of mobile market providing a wide range of choice for every kind of consumer.  

People from all over the world now have access to powerful devices ranging between $100 and $500. Something that seemed unthinkable nearly 10 years ago, and Android´s contribution to the cause of getting more device options at affordable prices is undeniable.

But, how does Android innovate the market? Well, to get started, being Android an open source code platform anyone can download it and use it for free, situation that can only mean the improvement of the mobile ecosystem for developers, manufacturers and consumers.

This also increases the need for innovations in order to compete in the market, where new mobile experience are required and both developers and manufacturers are called to fill these consumer expectations.    

An openness that provides more choices

Last year you probably heard about European Commision accusing Google of anti-competitive behavior and how the company responded to those allegations by claiming Android openness actually provides more choices for users compared to what other mobile market competitors do.  

Manufacturers can decide to preinstall apps from Google or any other app from any direct competitor such as Apple or Microsoft. Also, Android users can erase and customize their devices just as they please.

This is great for developers since Android allows them to reach more consumers, but it’s also great for consumers as they are provided with more choices in terms of hardware and applications.   

How else do you think Android has helped innovate the mobile market?